19.2058, FYI: Photos of Linguistic Field Work

Fri Jun 27 22:02:21 UTC 2008

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Subject: 19.2058, FYI: Photos of Linguistic Field Work

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Date: 23-Jun-2008
From: Peter Cole < pcole at udel.edu >
Subject: Photos of Linguistic Field Work


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Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2008 18:00:07
From: Peter Cole [pcole at udel.edu]
Subject: Photos of Linguistic Field Work
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Flickr is the most popular of the photographic websites used to store and
organize digital pictures.  It also allows the possibility of forming
''groups'' with pictures related to a single topic from many contributors.
 There are Flickr groups about almost everything.  However, I was surprised
to find that there are no Flickr groups showing pictures of or related to
linguistic field work, or, at least, none that are open to everyone. To
remedy that lack, I have founded such a group.

You can reach the group at the following URL:

Everyone is encouraged to contribute pictures related to their field work

I don't envision the site as being primarily for pictures of field methods
classes at first world universities, but you can post whatever you think is
relevant. Pictures of people involved in your field work who are doing
non-linguistic activities are definitely fine, as are pictures showing off
the culture etc. of the people whose language is being studied.

I am sure everyone would agree that it is desirable for it to be easy to
see all the pictures relevant to a language, place or specific linguist. 
This is a bit of a problem in Flickr groups.  It is easy to organize your
own pictures on Flickr into sets and collections within your own space, but
there does not seem to be any way that we could create folders for each
language in the group space. There does seem to be a work around though.  I
suggest that we do several things instead:

1) Everyone should add tags (keywords) in the ''tag'' field containing the
name of the language, the field worker and the location of the field work.

2) Photos should be given informative titles.

3) The description of the photo should also contain the name of the
language, the field worker and the location of the field work. It should
also contain any other description that might be interesting to the
viewer/reader. The description can be quite long, if you like, telling a
story etc., or it can be minimal. It is up to you.

The search possibilities in Flickr are quite good.  Following these
guidelines will allow people to sort the photos by language and location
etc., and it will permit viewers to understand what they are looking at.

To start things off, I have posted a few pictures from  field work in Peru
in the late 1970s.

Please read the discussion of the responsibilities of people posting
pictures that are on the website.

By the way, you do need to join Flickr to post pictures.  It is free. 
Flickr is owned by Yahoo, and it does not make information on its members
commercially available.  I have not seen any increase in spam since I
started using Flickr.

Peter Cole 

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