21.3198, Calls: Cog Sci, Psycholing/France

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Subject: 21.3198, Calls: Cog Sci, Psycholing/France

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Date: 04-Aug-2010
From: Edy Veneziano < edy.veneziano at parisdescartes.fr >
Subject: Communicative and Symbolic Behaviors in Children with Autism

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Date: Fri, 06 Aug 2010 22:54:23
From: Edy Veneziano [edy.veneziano at parisdescartes.fr]
Subject: Communicative and Symbolic Behaviors in Children with Autism

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Full Title: Communicative and Symbolic Behaviors in Children with Autism 
Short Title: Autism ComSym 2011 

Date: 04-Feb-2011 - 05-Feb-2011
Location: Paris, France 
Contact Person: Edy Veneziano
Meeting Email: edy.veneziano at parisdescartes.fr
Web Site: http://lewebpedagogique.com/comsym2011/ 

Linguistic Field(s): Cognitive Science; Psycholinguistics 

Call Deadline: 01-Oct-2010 

Meeting Description:

Children with autism are often characterized by their deficits. Thus, their 
poor communication, their lack of pretend play and/or imitation, their scarce 
understanding of others' mental states, are considered as characteristic 
features of their pathology. Although, this remains generally true, facts are 
far from being so neat and clear-cut.  Scientific observation of family videos 
and studies of children in supporting interactional contexts have shown that 
many children with autism do present some capacities in the above 
domains. And therapists working with them observe these capacities in their 
everyday practices. 

The aim of this conference is to provide a more precise understanding of 
the specificities of communicative and symbolic behaviors of children with 
autism, as well as to characterize under which conditions and how they 
occur, allowing to delineate their particular developmental profiles in 
comparison with that of typically-developing children. Within this 
perspective, analyses that take into account the dynamics of interaction 
between partners will be emphasized.  From a methodological standpoint, 
this conference will present a diversity of approaches (case studies, 
experimental studies, observation in controlled, semi-controlled or natural 
situations). Such diversity as well as the sharing of knowledge and 
experience between therapists and researchers, are expected to stimulate 
innovative research and intervention practices in the field.

The conference will focus on the following topics:

1. The bases of communication: Emotion and sensorimotor behaviors
2. Indicators of implicit Theory of Mind 
3. Symbolic abilities  
4. Language and communication 

Call For Papers

Submission of Posters
There will be two poster sessions, one each day.  Proposals are invited on 
any topic of this conference. The goal of these poster sessions is to provide 
an opportunity for researchers and practitioners to share their knowledge 
and experience. Presentations can thus cover experimental work, controlled
observational studies as well as applied research (assessment of clinical/
educational interventions) from practitioners.  Proposals from doctoral 
students are welcome.

Proposals will be selected by the scientific committee. Decision will be
communicated to the authors before December 15th 2010. Registration of 
at least one of the communicating authors is necessary for the accepted 
poster to be inserted in the program. 

Submission Deadline for poster propositions: October 1st  2010  
Language : French or English 
Abstract maximal length: 300 words  
The abstract will include an introduction presenting the aim of the study, the
methodology used, the results and some elements of discussion.
Submissions are anonymous. Name(s) and personal information (affiliation,
address for correspondence and email) of author(s) should figure on a 
separate page.
Submissions have to be sent to:  
AutismComSym2011 at psychologie.parisdescartes.fr
Notification of acceptance will be sent not later than December 15th 2010. 

Scientific Committee
Jean Louis Adrien (Université Paris Descartes), C. Barthélemy (INSERM, 
CHRU Tours), Jill Boucher (City University London, UK), Laurent Danon 
Boileau (Université Paris Descartes-CNRS), Claire Hughes (Cambridge 
University, UK), Françoise Moggio (Centre Alfred Binet, Paris), Jacqueline 
Nadel (Centre Emotion-CNRS, Paris), Elinor Ochs (UCLA, Los Angeles, CA, 
USA),  Marie Hélène Plumet (Université Paris Descartes-INSERM), 
Bernadette Rogé (Université de Toulouse), Carole Tardif (Université de 
Provence Aix-Marseille I-Psyclé), Colwyn Trevarthen (Edinburgh University, 
UK), Edy Veneziano (Université Paris Descartes-CNRS).

LINGUIST List: Vol-21-3198	


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