21.3206, Calls: Applied Linguistics/The Modern Language Journal (Jrnl)

Sat Aug 7 23:21:24 UTC 2010

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Subject: 21.3206, Calls: Applied Linguistics/The Modern Language Journal (Jrnl)

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Date: 05-Aug-2010
From: Leo van Lier < lvanlier at miis.edu >
Subject: The Modern Language Journal

-------------------------Message 1 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Sat, 07 Aug 2010 19:20:40
From: Leo van Lier [lvanlier at miis.edu]
Subject: The Modern Language Journal

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Full Title: The Modern Language Journal 

Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics 

Call Deadline: 15-Oct-2010 

Modern Language Journal
Monograph/Focus Volume Series
Guidelines for Prospective Monograph Authors

The following guidelines should be used by authors submitting proposals for
the 2012 MLJ monograph. The Monograph (to be under 400 manuscript pages in
length) may treat any topic related to second language learning and
teaching, that is, within the scope of the MLJ. Both theoretical topics and
extended research studies are welcome. Preference will be given to topics
concerning languages other than English, although work in ESL and EFL will
be considered if it has implications for teaching other languages as well.
Monograph proposals should include the following:

1. In a detailed statement of purpose (5-7 pages double spaced, 12 pt.
font), include the following: 
-- The objective of the proposed monograph and an explanation of the unique
and significant contribution it makes to the field of second language
acquisition or foreign language pedagogy.
-- The language(s) addressed or illustrated and, if applicable, additional
languages to which the work would offer insights.
-- A comparison/contrast with monographs that have covered the same or
similar topics, and an explanation of what sets your monograph apart from
-- An explanation of how the approach taken in the monograph does or does
not represent a departure from, or extension of, conventional wisdom.
Explain how this monograph will contribute to the discipline.
-- Other comments that reveal different, original, or interesting aspects
of your proposed project 
-- A sentence or two explaining why you are submitting your proposal to the
MLJ monograph series.
-- If possible, a brief description of anticipated special production
issues such as the number and type of illustrations, photographs, tables,
maps, glossary, appendixes, etc., and whether they will require any special
design considerations, copyright permissions, etc.

2. A separate annotated outline (table of contents), including a short
narrative for each section that describes how that section contributes to
the monograph.

3. If you have a sample chapter, please include it with your proposal.

4. A list of suggested readers, including those who might have already read
the manuscript. Some of these readers may be contacted for review, but
additional readers will also be chosen.
5. Author(s) information: Your curriculum vitae, including publications,
selected talks, and offices held in professional organizations, as well as
contact information. 

-- Electronic files containing monograph proposals are due to the Editor of
the series (Barbara Lafford, blafford at asu.edu) by October 15, 2010. The
Editor will inform prospective authors of publication decisions by November
30, 2010. The author(s) of the manuscript chosen will be sent more detailed
guidelines and a timeline for manuscript preparation for the 2012
publication date.

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