21.3372, Jobs: French & General Linguistics: Consultant, Pearson

Mon Aug 23 01:12:22 UTC 2010

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Subject: 21.3372, Jobs: French & General Linguistics: Consultant, Pearson

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Date: 20-Aug-2010
From: Nicole Wilson < nwilson at pearsonkt.com >
Subject: French & General Linguistics: Consultant, Pearson

-------------------------Message 1 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Sun, 22 Aug 2010 21:02:02
From: Nicole Wilson [nwilson at pearsonkt.com]
Subject: French & General Linguistics: Consultant, Pearson

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University or Organization: Pearson 
Department: Test Development
Web Address: http://ordinate.com

Job Rank: Consultant  

Specialty Areas: General Linguistics 

Required Language(s): French (fra)


Pearson in Palo Alto, California is seeking an expert French Canadian
linguist to advise on the development of an automated test of spoken
French. To learn more about the technology underlying Versant tests, please
visit the company website above.

Pay: US$35-$45 per hour, depending on background and experience

Hours: Can average from 2-10 hours per week, based on the consultant's
availability and the phase of project.

Project duration: ~6 months: August 2010 to March 2011

Work location: Anywhere, or in our Palo Alto, California office

Candidate Qualifications:

The consultant must be a native Canadian French speaker, with a graduate
degree from a Canadian University in French language/linguistics or closely
related field.  The candidate should be comfortable communicating in
English (in person, on the phone, and over email). Experience working with
corpora a plus.

About the Consulting Work:

The consultant's work will vary depending on his/her availability and
interest, but may include tasks such as providing an expert opinion on
differences between Canadian and European French, helping to construct a
lexicon of frequently used French words by locating and analyzing corpora
of spoken French, reviewing test items and test instructions,
translating/writing French documentation, coaching voice talent in the
recording studio, reviewing recorded audio files for clarity/accent,
creating training materials for transcribers, and other tasks requiring
expertise in French Canadian linguistics as they arise.

The project will last approximately 6 months, from now until March 2011. 
The number of hours per week can average anywhere from 2-12, depending on
the consultant's availability and schedule, and on the phase of the
project. The consultant may work remotely (e.g., in Canada), and is not
required to be eligible for work in the U.S.

Note: Consultants are independent contractors, not employees. Non-U.S.
residents will be paid via wire transfer to a Canadian bank account.
Consultants who are eligible to work the U.S. will be paid by check.

We hope to fill this position quickly. Please send a resume and brief
introductory email to Dr. Nicole Wilson at the email address specified.

Please indicate you learned about the position on LinguistList.

Application Deadline:  
Email Address for Applications: nwilson at pearsonkt.com 
Contact Information:
	Nicole Wilson 
	Email: nwilson at pearsonkt.com 

LINGUIST List: Vol-21-3372	


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