21.3410, TOC: Intercultural Pragmatics 7/3 (2010)

Wed Aug 25 15:32:23 UTC 2010

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Subject: 21.3410, TOC: Intercultural Pragmatics 7/3 (2010)

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Date: 25-Aug-2010
From: Julia Ulrich < julia.ulrich at degruyter.com >
Subject: Intercultural Pragmatics Vol. 7, No. 3 (2010)

-------------------------Message 1 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 2010 11:30:41
From: Julia Ulrich [julia.ulrich at degruyter.com]
Subject: Intercultural Pragmatics Vol. 7, No. 3 (2010)

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Publisher:	De Gruyter Mouton
Journal Title:  Intercultural Pragmatics 
Volume Number:  7 
Issue Number:  3 
Issue Date:  August 2010 

Main Text:  

Intercultural Pragmatics
Volume: 7, Number: 3 (August 2010)
The above issue is now available online from De Gruyter Mouton at:

	Failed humor: Issues in non-native speakers' appreciation and understanding of
	Nancy Bell and Salvatore Attardo

	Or so, oder so, and stuff like that?general extenders in New Zealand English,
German and in learner language
	Agnes Terraschke

	"Between Scylla and Charybdis": The semantics and pragmatics of attitudes 'de se'
	Alessandro Capone

	Language as Dialogue
	Edda Weigand

Book reviews 

Linguistic Field(s): Pragmatics
                     Discourse Analysis

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