21.3472, Calls: Lang Acq, Socioling/Germany

Tue Aug 31 13:56:35 UTC 2010

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Subject: 21.3472, Calls: Lang Acq, Socioling/Germany

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Date: 30-Aug-2010
From: Gunther De Vogelaer < gunther.devogelaer at ugent.be >
Subject: The Acquisition of Variation

-------------------------Message 1 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2010 09:54:32
From: Gunther De Vogelaer [gunther.devogelaer at ugent.be]
Subject: The Acquisition of Variation

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Full Title: The Acquisition of Variation 

Date: 29-Jun-2011 - 01-Jul-2011
Location: Freiburg, Germany 
Contact Person: Gunther De Vogelaer
Meeting Email: gunther.devogelaer at ugent.be

Linguistic Field(s): Language Acquisition; Sociolinguistics 

Call Deadline: 15-Sep-2011 

Meeting Description:

Recent years have seen a number of interesting studies on the acquisition 
of language variation in different languages. We hope to bring together 
scholars working on the acquisition of variation in different European 
languages in a panel which will be submitted to be held at ICLaVE-6 in 
Freiburg, in order to engage in cross-linguistic comparison and set a 
research agenda for the near future. 

Call For Papers

Despite repeated calls for in-depth research the acquisition of variation
remains to be an underinvestigated topic both in sociolinguistics and in
language acquisition research. Yet several reasons can be given why 
children and adolescents are a worthwhile topic of investigation: first, the 
process of language transmission has been quoted for more than a century 
as a potential cause of dialect levelling and loss. In addition, processes of 
koinèisation are believed to take place primarily in children and adolescents. 
However, the precise socio-pragmatic circumstances underlying faithful 
dialect transmission, levelling and koinèisation remain poorly understood. 
Second, it has been claimed that in acquisition there is no 'time gap 
between the acquisition of grammatical competence and the development of 
sociolinguistic competence' (Chambers 2003:174). If this is correct, the 
ability to perceive and employ variation in speech is an integral part of 
children's linguistic competence, and the field of language development 
cannot afford to study the acquisition process in a sociolinguistic vacuum. It 
is, for instance, unclear whether the acquisition of a standardised variety 
yields reliable diagnostics for language disorders in children acquiring a 
non-standard variety. In addition, the study of the acquisition of variation is 
bound to lead to important insights into the role of the input in the language 
acquisition process, and may be instrumental in refining existing models of 
language learning.

We welcome papers dealing with, but not restricted to, the following topics:
-style shifting and accommodation in children and adolescents 
-the socio-pragmatic circumstances in which variation is acquired, including 
the effect of the linguistic repertoire within a speech community (diglossia 
vs.diaglossia), the role of caregivers vis-à-vis the peer group...
-the development of sociolinguistic monitoring and/or the awareness of 
language variation, including children and adolescents' attitudes towards 
-the role of children in processes of change, including dialect levelling,
regiolectisation and koinèisation
-detecting language disorders in children acquiring non-standard varieties
-the importance of variation in child language for models of language 
learning, and grammar in general

Researchers interested in taking part in the panel are asked to signal their
interest and provide a short description of their intended topic to Gunther 
De Vogelaer (gunther.devogelaer at ugent.be) and Matthias Katerbow
(matthias.katerbow at staff.uni-marburg.de). Abstracts will be submitted 
along with the panel description to the scientific committee of ICLaVE. 

Important dates:
September, 15: Manifestation of interest
October, 1: Notification of acceptance of the panel 
November, 30: Abstract submission

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