21.3484, FYI: VLC Free Online: 500+ Languages with Audio

Tue Aug 31 16:33:13 UTC 2010

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Subject: 21.3484, FYI: VLC Free Online: 500+ Languages with Audio

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Date: 24-Aug-2010
From: Juergen Handke < handke at staff.uni-marburg.de >
Subject: VLC Free Online: 500+ Languages with Audio

-------------------------Message 1 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2010 12:31:52
From: Juergen Handke [handke at staff.uni-marburg.de]
Subject: VLC Free Online: 500+ Languages with Audio

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The Virtual Linguistics Campus invites you to make use of the wealth of
linguistics data, in particular its huge language index, which does not
only display languages via arbitrary "pins" on a map but by means of
associating languages with their speakers. The VLC uses structured language
data, i.e. data that is cross-linguistically identical and allows
cross-linguistic comparison. (see language index data sheets). Each
individual entry of a language  consists of:

- General information
- Details about the speaker with a greeting message
- Typological Details (with add. sounds, i.e. Russian palatalization,
Chinese tone, Turkish vowel harmony etc.)
- Information about the writing system
- Morpho/Syntax: A fixed set of words, phrases and clauses (with
interactive sound)
- The story the North wind and the Sun (with interactive sound)
- Info about the numerical system, plus the numbers 1 to 10 (with
interactive sound)
- The monophthongs (with sounds and specials, e.g.  mergers and shifts. )
- The diphthongs (if available)
- The consonantal system (with interactive sound)
- A free passage (with sound)
- Pictures (if delivered by speakers)
- Video material (linked with YouTube or private)
- Copyright Info

Note that most sound samples are coupled with phonetic transcription.

The following languages are represented by more than 1 speaker (No# of
speakers in brackets):

Arabic (5), Bulgarian (4), Catalan (2), Chinese (16), English (40), French
(5), Frisian (5), Georgian (2), Greek (8), German (26), Hindi (4),
Hungarian (5), Italian (3), Jamaican Creole (17), Japanese (5), Khowar (2),
Korean (5), Latvian (2), Lithuanian (3), Polish (5), Portuguese (2),
Romanian (3), Russian (16), Serbian (3), Spanish (16), Tarifit (2), Thai
(2), Turkish (8), Urdu (3), Wu (3)

In addition to these, the VLC Language Index hosts about 300 further
languages, many of them with full sound support, some of them highly

Special Features of the VLC Language Index: 

- Cognate comparison
- Generation of vowel clouds
- Typological maps with feature search

To use the VLC Language Index create your FREE VLC-account. Currently ca.
4,000 users make constitute the VLC-community.

If you you are not sure whether you want to register, here is an example of
one VLC entry (Turkish/Zonguldak): 

Linguistic Field(s): Language Documentation
                     Writing Systems


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