21.4350, All: Obituary: Professor Michael Clyne

Mon Nov 1 02:10:07 UTC 2010

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Subject: 21.4350, All: Obituary: Professor Michael Clyne

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Date: 30-Oct-2010
From: Farzad Sharifian [farzad.sharifian at monash.edu]
Subject: Obituary: Professor Michael Clyne

-------------------------Message 1 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Sun, 31 Oct 2010 22:08:15
From: Farzad Sharifian [farzad.sharifian at monash.edu]
Subject: Obituary: Professor Michael Clyne

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Dear all,

It is with greatest sadness that I announce the passing of Professor
Michael Clyne, the most outstanding Australian sociolinguist, in the early
hours of the morning of the 29th of October. Michael was an Emeritus
Professor at Monash, and an Honorary Professorial Fellow at the University
of Melbourne. He was made a Member of the Order of Australia on June 13,
1993 'for service to education, particularly in the field of linguistics.'
In brief, Michael's publications include 27 authored, co-authored and
edited books and over 300 articles and book chapters. The books include
'Language and Society in the German-speaking Countries' (CUP, 1984), and
its sequel 'The German Language in a Changing Europe' (CUP, 1995),
'Community Languages The Australian experience' (CUP 1991), 'Pluricentric
Languages' (ed, Mouton de Gruyter, 1992), 'Inter-Cultural Communication at
Work' (CUP, 1994), 'Undoing and Redoing Corpus Planning' (ed, Mouton de
Gruyter, 1997), 'Dynamics of Language Contact' (CUP 2003) and 'Australia's
Language Potential' (UNSW Press, 2005). 

The night before his death Michael attended the third Annual Public Lecture
of the Language and Society Centre (established in 1989 by Michael at
Monash University), that he had invited me to present. During the talk I
had the opportunity to pay tribute to Michael's outstanding contributions
to the field. In retrospect, the public talk was Michael's farewell.

I cannot list Michael's contributions nor go into detail about his
achievements, awards and honours here. It is impossible to do justice to
his work in a few paragraphs. Instead I invite those who didn't know
Michael to visit his webpages at Monash University, the University of
Melbourne, a Wikipedia entry about him, and a tribute that his friends and
colleagues from around the world wrote for him upon his retirement in 2005.

Michael's page at Monash
Michael's page at The University of Melbourne
Tribute from colleagues and friends
Michael's Wikipedia

Michael's death is a huge loss to the academic community in Australia and
Michael's family would prefer that, instead of sending flowers, donations
be made towards funding a scholarship in his memory. Information about this
will be posted soon.

Farzad Sharifian, 
Director, Language and Society Centre
farzad.sharifian at monash.edu 

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