21.4388, Jobs: Text-Technological Enhancement: Researcher, Goethe U

Tue Nov 2 17:30:17 UTC 2010

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Subject: 21.4388, Jobs: Text-Technological Enhancement: Researcher, Goethe U

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Date: 02-Nov-2010
From: Alexander Mehler [mehler at em.uni-frankfurt.de]
Subject: Computational Humanities - Text-Technological Enhancement: Researcher, Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Germany

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Date: Tue, 02 Nov 2010 13:28:04
From: Alexander Mehler [mehler at em.uni-frankfurt.de]
Subject: Computational Humanities - Text-Technological Enhancement: Researcher, Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Germany

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University or Organization: Johann Wolfgang Goethe University 
Department: Information Technology
Job Location: Frankfurt, Germany 
Web Address: http://www.uni-frankfurt.de/english/index.html
Job Rank: Researcher  

Specialty Areas: Computational Humanities; Text Technology


The Hessian research funding program LOEWE recently approved the research
center 'Digital Humanities' at Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt
am Main. It is devoted to improve scientific networking between humanities
and computer science. This includes the development and evaluation of new
approaches to the automatic analysis, annotation and further processing of
artifacts in the humanities. In this context we search excellent candidates
to fill the position of a
Research Assistant 
(E 13 TV-G-U, full-time)

starting on 2011-01-01 until 2013-12-31. It is possible to divide this
full-time position. 

The position belongs to the subproject corpus management / computational
humanities with an emphasis on electronic editions of literary works and
their text-technological enhancement.

The work within the project is supposed to lead to a doctoral dissertation
within the timeframe given. The candidate for this position is expected to
hold a university degree in computer science, computational linguistics or
in the humanities with a focus on text technology. Additional expertise in
the following areas is appreciated:
-  Databases
-  Ontologies and Semantic Web 
-  Text Technology

Review of applications will begin on November 17, 2010, and continue until
the position is filled. E-mail inquiries may be addressed to Prof. Mehler
at the e-mail address listed.  

Goethe University is an affirmative action, equal-opportunity employer.

Application Deadline: 17-Nov-2010 
Mailing Address for Applications:
	Prof. Dr. Alexander Mehler 
	Fachbereich Informatik und Mathematik 
	Campus Bockenheim, Hauspostfach 154 
	Frankfurt am Main 60054 
Email Address for Applications: mehler at em.uni-frankfurt.de 
Contact Information:
	Prof. Dr. Alexander Mehler 
	Email: mehler at em.uni-frankfurt.de 

LINGUIST List: Vol-21-4388	


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