21.4642, Jobs: Chinese; Syntax; Phonology: Asst/Assoc Prof, National Taiwan U

Fri Nov 19 16:26:32 UTC 2010

LINGUIST List: Vol-21-4642. Fri Nov 19 2010. ISSN: 1068 - 4875.

Subject: 21.4642, Jobs: Chinese; Syntax; Phonology: Asst/Assoc Prof, National Taiwan U

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Date: 17-Nov-2010
From: Patty Chen [pattychen at ntu.edu.tw]
Subject: Mandarin Chinese (Syntax, Phonology, Semantics & Lexicon): Assistant/Assocociate Professor, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

-------------------------Message 1 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 2010 11:25:13
From: Patty Chen [pattychen at ntu.edu.tw]
Subject: Mandarin Chinese (Syntax, Phonology, Semantics & Lexicon): Assistant/Assocociate Professor, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

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University or Organization: National Taiwan University 
Department: The College of Liberal Arts
Job Location: Taipei, Taiwan 
Web Address: http://liberal.ntu.edu.tw/Eng/e_01_01.htm
Job Rank: Asst/Assoc Professor  

Specialty Areas: Phonology; Semantics; Syntax; Mandarin Lexicon

Required Language(s): Chinese, Mandarin (cmn)


Seeking full-time instructors for the College of Liberal Arts, National
Taiwan University

1. Sought by: College of Liberal Arts (Master's program in Mandarin
2. Title: Full-time instructor (professor, associate professor, assistant
3. Number of openings: 1 to 2 persons
4. Response period: From date of announcement to February 18, 2011
5. Expected starting date: August 1, 2011
6. Qualifications:
-  Must be a graduate of a domestic or foreign department or graduate
school, and must hold a formal Ph.D. degree certificate.
-  Must have a research specialization in one of the following areas:
Mandarin syntax, Mandarin phonology, Mandarin lexicon and semantics,
Mandarin teaching materials and methodology, Mandarin reading and writing,
Mandarin testing and assessment, or some other area connected with Mandarin
language instruction.
-  Work content: Teaching, research, other related duties
Courses taught: Courses connected with Mandarin language instruction
8. Information required: (Please include required items with this
application in loose form; do not bind different items together. If any
items must be returned, please recover such items from the College of
Liberal Arts within ten days after receiving notification.)
-  Applicant's academic/work resume and autobiographical sketch in
duplicate (must include applicant's phone number and e-mail address).
-  List of works submitted for review in duplicate.
-  Duplicate photocopies of Ph.D. degree certificate. Persons applying for
the position of assistant professor must also include annual Ph.D. program
report cards in duplicate.
-  Persons who have been employed by a college, university, or research
agency are asked to include instructor's certificate and photocopies of
annual contracts.
-  Seven copies of each representative work in English or Chinese from the
most recent three years (1. Must have been published in August 2008 or
later. 2. Each Chinese work must be accompanied by a 500-word abstract.
Each English work must include a 5000-word summary).
-  Seven copies of each reference work from the most recent five years
(must have been published in August 2006 or later).
-  Planned future teaching and research projects (the description of each
course or future research idea generally should not exceed two sheets of A4
-  Outline of courses taught (generally should not exceed two sheets of A4
-  Two letters of recommendation.
9. Mailing location: Please mail your application to the address below,
with a postmark of no later than February 18, 2011 (please be sure to
indicate your name on the cover and note that you are applying for the
position of full-time instructor in the Master's degree program in Mandarin
instruction). Late applications will not be accepted.
10. Please note:
-  Applicants' qualifications must be recognized by this program's
instructor evaluation committee.
-  After an applicant passes preliminary review, this program will notify
the applicant to come to the college for an interview (applicants must bear
travel expenses); failure to participate in an interview shall constitute
giving up the application.
11. Contact: Chen Pei-yueh (Patty Chen), College of Liberal Arts, contact
information below.

Application Deadline: 18-Feb-2011 
Mailing Address for Applications: 
	Patty Chen 
	College of Liberal Arts 
	National Taiwan University 
	1 Roosevelt Rd. Section 4 
	Taipei 10617 
Contact Information:
	Patty Chen 
	Email: pattychen at ntu.edu.tw 
	Phone: 886-2-33663985 
	Fax: 886-2-23661090 

LINGUIST List: Vol-21-4642	


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