21.4705, Confs: Syntax/Belgium

Tue Nov 23 15:47:31 UTC 2010

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Subject: 21.4705, Confs: Syntax/Belgium

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Date: 22-Nov-2010
From: Amélie Rocquet [amelie.rocquet at ugent.be]
Subject: GIST 3

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Date: Tue, 23 Nov 2010 10:46:21
From: Amélie Rocquet [amelie.rocquet at ugent.be]
Subject: GIST 3

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GIST 3: 

Date: 12-May-2011 - 13-May-2011 
Location: Ghent, Belgium 
Contact: Amélie Rocquet 
Contact Email: amelie.rocquet at ugent.be 
Meeting URL: http://www.gist.ugent.be/cartographicstructures 

Linguistic Field(s): Syntax 

Meeting Description: 

GIST is proud to announce Cartographic Structures and Beyond, to take 
place on 12 and 13 May 2011 at Ghent University. This two day event will 
bring together a number of senior and junior linguists whose work shares 
the ultimate goal of showing how the linguistic data - both diachronic and 
synchronic - drawn from a number of diverse languages shed light on the 
general theory of language, and reciprocally, how the theory sheds new 
light on the linguistic data. 

One aim of the conference will be that of showcasing recent work in the 
tradition of cartography and nanosyntax and in particular, presenting the 
progress made in elaborating the structural map of the clause and its 
constituents and on the 'syntactization' of the interpretive domains. Other 
papers will explore ways of integrating constraints on movement and/or on 
structure building with the functional hierarchies that have been established 
in the cartographic tradition. The latter theme is also the focus of the FWO-
funded research project Layers of Structure and the Cartography Project at 
Ghent University. The PhD students involved in this research project will 
also be presenting their own work at this event. 

The 2011 event at Ghent University is conceived of as the launch of a 
yearly gathering at a number of European institutions.

The following linguists have agreed to participate in the event:

Enoch Aboh (University of Amsterdam)
Adriana Belletti (University of Siena)
Pavel Caha (CASTL University of Tromsø)
Guglielmo Cinque (University of Venice)
Jim McCloskey (UC Santa Cruz)
Lieven Danckaert (Ghent University)
Irene Franco (University of Leiden)
Jane Grimshaw (Rutgers University)
Eric Haeberli (University of Geneva)
Luigi Rizzi (University of Siena)
Ur Shlonsky (University of Geneva)
Michal Starke (CASTL University of Tromsø)

Conference Convenors: Adriana Belletti, Liliane Haegeman, Luigi Rizzi

GIST Organising Committee:
Lobke Aelbrecht 
Anne Breitbarth
Karen Declercq
William Harwood
Rachel Nye
Amélie Rocquet
Reiko Vermeulen

LINGUIST List: Vol-21-4705	


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