21.4776, TOC: Pragmatics and Society 1/1 (2010)

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Subject: 21.4776, TOC: Pragmatics and Society 1/1 (2010)

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Date: 27-Nov-2010
From: Paul Peranteau [paul at benjamins.com]
Subject: Pragmatics and Society Vol. 1, No. 1 (2010)

-------------------------Message 1 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Sun, 28 Nov 2010 11:58:11
From: Paul Peranteau [paul at benjamins.com]
Subject: Pragmatics and Society Vol. 1, No. 1 (2010)

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Publisher:	John Benjamins
Journal Title:  Pragmatics and Society 
Volume Number:  1 
Issue Number:  1 
Issue Date:  2010 

Main Text:  

Pragmatics and Society 1:1 

2010. ca. 160 pp.

Table of contents

Editorial [pdf, 497 kB] 
Jacob L. Mey, Hartmut Haberland and Kerstin Fischer 1-8  


For a constitutive pragmatics: Obama, Médecins Sans Frontières and the 
measuring stick [pdf, 0.58 MB] 
François Cooren and Frédérik Matte 9-31  

Stability and variability in linguistic pragmatics [pdf, 0.54 MB] 
Raymond W. Gibbs, Jr. 32-49  

The paradox of communication: Socio-cognitive approach to pragmatics [pdf, 0.58 
Istvan Kecskes 50-73  

The activity type as interface between langue and parole, and between individual 
and society: An argument for trichotomy in pragmatics [pdf, 1.71 MB] 
Gu Yueguo 74-101  

School system as axiological medium: The state's primary macro-proposing 
context and its expanding moral role in Australia [pdf, 0.57 MB] 
Philip Graham and Lisa Gunders 102-117  

Performance pragmatics, neuroscience and evolution [pdf, 0.56 MB] 
William O. Beeman 118-137  

Pragmatics of intercultural communication: The bounded openness of a 
contradictory perspective [pdf, 0.56 MB] 
Dominique Bouchet 138-154  

Forum and Debate [pdf, 56 kB]  155  
The pragmatics of learning by doing [pdf, 0.52 MB] 
Roger C. Schank 157-172  

Book review   
Yasmine Abbas and Fred Dervin (eds) Digital Technologies of the Self [pdf, 492 
Reviewed by Lian-Hee Wee 173-177 

Linguistic Field(s): Neurolinguistics
                     Discourse Analysis

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