23.1740, Qs: Native English Speakers Needed: Wales and England

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Subject: 23.1740, Qs: Native English Speakers Needed: Wales and England

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Date: Wed, 04 Apr 2012 13:11:22
From: Alex Morris [amvmorris at hotmail.com]
Subject: Native English Speakers Needed: Wales and England

E-mail this message to a friend:

My name is Alex Morris and I am a third year student at Swansea
University. I am currently engaged in a research project concerning 
Dialectology, specifically the internal dialect geography of England and 

I am looking for volunteers to take part in my study by completing a quick 
survey of no more than 15 minutes. It consists of a short questionnaire and 
then  completing a grading and placement task whilst listening to several 
clips of various English and Welsh dialects.

If you wish to take part, I have uploaded the questionnaire and map, for the 
placement task, on my personal midiafire available for download:

The video containing the clips is on my personal YouTube:

The instructions should be clear on the questionnaire. Once complete if you 
could possibly save the documents as your name and hometown and send 
them to me at my personal email address: amvmorris at hotmail.com

If anybody is interested I would be happy to send the final project after it has 
been marked, so please talk to me in the email.

I would be very grateful for any responses as part of my research calls for a 
reperesentative sample from across the UK; it would also be interesting to 
include a non-native perspective so nobody from outside of the UK is 
excluded. The one criterion is that participants must be L1 English speakers.

Thank you in advance, I look forward to receiving any replies. 

Linguistic Field(s): Sociolinguistics

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