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Subject: 23.1782, All: This Week's LINGUIST Notice Board

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Date:  Fri, 06 Apr 2012
From:  LINGUIST Notice Board < linguist at linguistlist.org >
Subject:  This Week's LINGUIST Notice Board

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Date:  Fri, 06 Apr 2012
From:  notice at linguistlist.org
Subject:  This Week's LINGUIST Notice Board

The following messages are currently posted on the LINGUIST
NoticeBoard, our web page for personal announcements.  Use the URL
below each message topic to take a look at any that interest you.

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You may post a notice by filling in the form at

    Subject: Free Lecture, Institute of Education, London    
    From: Anna  Waring <a.waring at ioe.ac.uk> 

    Subject: Looking for Textbooks on Linguistic Theories    
    From: Yan  Jiang <yan.jiang.hk at hotmail.com> 

    Subject: Documentation Translation German into Russian    
    From: Alexej  Nikischin <nial84 at gmail.com> 

    Subject: Newcastle University Public Lecture    
    From: Sheila  Heppel <crills at ncl.ac.uk> 

    Subject: Translation of a Passage by Olympiodorus    
    From: Claudio  Lo Monaco <claudio.lm at alice.it> 

    Subject: Translation of Sound Clip    
    From: Robbie  Wade <robbiesbills at gmail.com> 

    Subject: Advice on Number in UCLA Phonetics Database    
    From: Christina  Gutierrez <gutierc527 at gmail.com> 

    Subject: Modern French to Middle French Dictionary    
    From: Mike  Mahony <mahonym at iafrica.com> 

    Subject: Standardized Language Test for Elementary School Children    
    From: Aya  Kutsuki <akutsuki at hotmail.com> 

    Subject: Hungarian Recursive Compound Suggestions    
    From: Makiko  Mukai <fuset at hotmail.co.jp> 

    Subject: Advice on Placement of TESOL Program    
    From: Amal  Altoaimy <amaltoaimy at pnu.edu.sa> 

    Subject: Seeking Advice on Conditionals with 'Unless'    
    From: AElfwine  Mischler <aelfwine.mischler at gmail.com> 

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