23.1808, Qs: Socioeconomic/Geographic Lexical Survey (U.S.A)

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LINGUIST List: Vol-23-1808. Mon Apr 09 2012. ISSN: 1069 - 4875.

Subject: 23.1808, Qs: Socioeconomic/Geographic Lexical Survey (U.S.A)

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Date: Mon, 09 Apr 2012 13:29:04
From: Tino Bratbo [tbratbo at bu.edu]
Subject: Socioeconomic/Geographic Lexical Survey (U.S.A)

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I am an undergraduate linguistics student at Boston University, conducting a 
preliminary research project. The project concerns the ethnic, socioeconomic 
and geographic distribution of the word ''biddie'' (alternately ''biddy''), and the 
variability of use and definition based on this distribution. I am looking for 
more data to make a more comprehensive comparison. Data from any and all 
is greatly appreciated. I can be contacted at tbratbo at bu.edu. Below is the 
appropriate survey.

1. Age:		
2. Level of education:
3. Ethnicity with which you identify:
3. Socioeconomic status (working, middle, upper class):
4. State you grew up in:
5. State in which you currently reside:
7. Have you heard the term "biddie" (alternately "biddy")?
8. If so, what is your definition?
9. If so, where did you first hear it?
10. If so, how often do you use it (never, sometimes, regularly)?
11. If so, who do you use the term with?
12. Where you do you think the term might have come from? 

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