23.1867, Jobs: Communication Disorders; Speech/Language Computational Modeling: Asst Prof/Scientist, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute-UHN

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Subject: 23.1867, Jobs: Communication Disorders; Speech/Language Computational Modeling: Asst Prof/Scientist, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute-UHN

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Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2012 09:32:39
From: Lois Ward, Manager of Research Operations [ward.lois at torontorehab.on.ca]
Subject: Communication Disorders; Speech/Language Computational Modeling: Assistant Professor/Scientist, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute-UHN, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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University or Organization: Toronto Rehabilitation Institute-UHN 
Department: Research
Job Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada 
Web Address: http://www.torontorehab.com/
Job Rank: Scientist  

Specialty Areas: Computational Linguistics; Communication Disorders; Speech/Language Computational Modeling


Toronto Rehabilitation Institute (TRI) is Canada's largest 
rehabilitation hospital and is one of 4 major teaching hospitals that 
comprise the University Health Network. Research at TRI has grown 
quickly to the point where we now have about 30 principal 
investigators supervising 200 graduate students and post-doctoral 
fellows. Our research focuses on 3 broad areas: 1) preventing injury 
and illness, 2) restoring function in people after acute health 
incidents and 3) enabling older people to continue to live in their own 
homes. We are an extraordinarily multidisciplinary environment with 
about one third of our faculty and grad students affiliated with 
engineering or computer science departments and one half with 
clinical departments.

We are looking for applicants with strong publication records and 
who have demonstrated a commitment to knowledge translation 
and/or commercialization of the results of their research. This 
appointment will be a 5- year contract that may be renewed 
depending on achievements and the availability of continuing funds.  

Communication disorders and speech/language computational 
modeling (Assistant Professor level)

The Communication Team of Toronto Rehab is seeking to hire a 
scientist in the area of communication disorders and 
speech/language computational modeling. The candidate will 
develop his/her own program of research in the area of 
computational methods of normal and disordered speech and 
language processes as found in several clinical populations, e.g., 
Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's. The 
candidate is expected to build collaborations with members of the 
Toronto Rehab communication research team and members of 
other TRI based research teams who have an interest in 
communication disorders.

The candidate will have a background in computational methods 
related to the fields of communication disorders, for example, speech 
recognition, speech production modeling, word prediction, multi-
modal aspects of speech/language processing and multi-speaker 
interaction. The candidate's training will be in any of the following 
disciplines: computer science, computational linguistics, speech and 
language sciences.

This is a scientist position at Toronto Rehabilitation Institute with the 
possibility of appointment at the assistant professor level in the 
departments of Computer Science and/or Linguistics at the 
University of Toronto which will enable the supervision of graduate 

Please send your letter of application (which includes a statement of 
research interests and the names of three referees) accompanied by 
your CV to Lois Ward, for consideration by the appropriate search 
committees before June 1, 2012.

Application Deadline: 01-Jun-2012 
Mailing Address for Applications: 
	Lois Ward, Manager of Research Operations 
	Toronto Rehabilitation Institute-UHN 
	550 University Avenue, Room 12-171 
	Toronto, Ontario M5G 2A2 
Email Address for Applications: ward.lois at torontorehab.on.ca 
Contact Information:
	Lois Ward, Manager of Research Operations 
	Email: ward.lois at torontorehab.on.ca 

LINGUIST List: Vol-23-1867	

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