23.1869, Jobs: Comp Ling; Lexicography; Multi-Cultural Name Checking: Lead Computational Linguist, Government Contractor

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Subject: 23.1869, Jobs: Comp Ling; Lexicography; Multi-Cultural Name Checking: Lead Computational Linguist, Government Contractor

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Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2012 09:46:19
From: Alexis Van Bevers [vanbeversa at bna-inc.com]
Subject: Computational Linguistics; Lexicography; Multi-Cultural Name Checking: Lead Computational Linguist, Government Contractor, Virginia, USA

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University or Organization: Government Contractor 
Job Location: Virginia, USA 
Job Rank: Lead Computational Linguist  

Specialty Areas: Computational Linguistics; Lexicography; Multi-Cultural Name Checking


**Please note that this position was posted by a company that has asked 
not to advertise their name. They can and will openly give interested parties 
this information directly, but not publicly. Please send an email to the email 
address below to arrange a time to speak with their Recruiting 

A premier mid-sized systems integrator specialized in border management 
systems, supporting Homeland Security and partner agencies is in need of 
a Lead Computational Linguist: Specialization in Multi-Cultural Name
Checking, Computational Linguistics, and Lexicography.

Location: Northern Virginia: Greater Arlington Area and McLean

Work Status: Must be a US Citizen as required by the Government 

A Secret Security Clearance is preferred. At minimum, the ability to qualify 
for a secret clearance is critical.

Duration: Full Time

This lead role will focus on design, data quality, development, maintenance 
and enhancements of name matching algorithms. Working as a team the 
Computational Linguist and Linguists will research specific name 
components and their cultural usage as well as analyze a variety of user 
transliterations to determine patterns within a large data set. Activities will 
include providing recommendations for name searching techniques based 
on cultural-specific tendencies. The candidate will work with Linguists, 
programmers, testers and the data quality team in evaluating user 

Additional Duties:
-  Development of functional requirements for new linguistic name 
searching algorithms.
-  Document analyses and design in appropriate formats, such as Impact 
Analyses and Critical Design Documents.
-  Development of white papers and presentations and deliver 
presentations, if requested.

-  PhD in Computational Linguistics is strongly preferred but a minimum of a 
master's degree is required with specialization in one of the core areas 
(phonology, morphology, syntax and related specialization) preferred.
-  Experience with one or more of the following is required: Transliteration
systems, computational linguistics, name structures, phonology, or 
-  Should have experience working with non-Indo-European languages
(Arabic, Turkic, or African languages, preferred). Communication skills will
need to be strong to enable effective and concise explanation of complex
linguistic concepts to non-linguists. 
-  Candidates should be willing to occasionally be on call 24/7 as needed. 
This activity is not very frequent. 
-  Occasional travel outside the United States is required. 


Application Deadline:  (Open until filled)
Email Address for Applications: vanbeversa at bna-inc.com 
Contact Information:
	Alexis Van Bevers 
	Email: vanbeversa at bna-inc.com 
	Phone: 703-752-9741 

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