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Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2012 15:40:40
From: Patrick Honeybone [patrick.honeybone at ed.ac.uk]
Subject: 20th Manchester Phonology Meeting

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20th Manchester Phonology Meeting 
Short Title: 20mfm 

Date: 24-May-2012 - 26-May-2012 
Location: Manchester, United Kingdom 
Contact: Patrick Honeybone 
Contact Email: patrick.honeybone at ed.ac.uk 
Meeting URL: http://www.lel.ed.ac.uk/mfm/20mfm.html 

Linguistic Field(s): Phonology 

Meeting Description: 

We are pleased to announce the plans for our 20th Manchester 
Phonology Meeting (20mfm). The mfm is the UK's annual phonology 
conference, with  an international set of organisers. It is held in late 
May every year in Manchester (central in the UK, and with excellent 
international transport  connections). The meeting has become a key 
conference for phonologists  from all over the world, where anyone 
who declares themselves to be interested in phonology can submit an 
abstract on anything phonological in any phonological framework. In 
an informal atmosphere, we discuss a broad range of topics, including 
the phonological description of languages, issues in phonological 
theory, aspects of phonological acquisition and implications of 
phonological change. 

Special Session: 'Unsolved Problems in Phonology'

The fact that the mfm is celebrating its twentieth anniversary has 
encouraged us to take stock of what phonology has achieved - and 
how much it has really progressed - in recent decades. We have 
therefore decided that the topic of the Special Session at the 20mfm 
will be 'Unsolved Problems in Phonology', and we have invited 
speakers to discuss a key puzzle for phonological theory. We have 
asked them to focus on problems for which there once was a solution 
that commanded widespread agreement within the phonological 
community, but where such consensus has since, for one reason or 
another, collapsed. In this sense, we are interested in how a 'solved' 
problem can become 'unsolved', with all that this implies for questions 
such as the causes of agreement and disagreement in the phonological 
community, and the extent of progress in phonological research. And, 
of course, we have chosen problems that we believe are all interesting 
in their own right.

Invited Speakers: 

Jacques Durand (Toulouse-Le Mirail), 'Latent Consonants'
Sharon Inkelas (Berkeley), 'Nonderived Environment Blocking'
Donca Steriade (MIT), 'Segment Sequencing'
Nina Topintzi (Leipzig), 'Compensatory Lengthening' 

The programme and booking details are now available on the 20mfm 


We would be grateful if all bookings could be made before 11th May, and 
booking will not be possible after 18th May.

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