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Subject: 23.1917, Jobs: Computational Linguistics; Semantics: Consultant, Expert System

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Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2012 11:22:15
From: Francesca Petronio [fpetronio at expertsystem.net]
Subject: Computational Linguistics; Semantics: Consultant, Expert System, District of Columbia, USA

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University or Organization: Expert System 
Job Location: District of Columbia, USA 
Web Address: http://www.expertsystem.net
Job Rank: Consultant  

Specialty Areas: Computational Linguistics; Semantics; Natural Language Processing

Required Language(s): English (eng)


Expert System is a leading software company specializing in the delivery of 
an advanced semantic intelligence platform and is now looking to hire a 
Computational Linguist based in the greater Washington DC area.
The ideal candidate(s) is enthusiastic about using his/her skills in English 
computational linguistics to extend our natural language platform into this 

Primary responsibilities include:

-  Develop computational algorithms and code to process human language 
and provide insights into the embodied complex, heterogeneous data;
-  Identify appropriate algorithms, methods and tools to process human 
language in response to clients' requirements;
-  Help to create the related software tools and utilities needed; 
-  Collaborate with multi-disciplinary teams to deliver the tools and utilities 
-  Seek regular interaction with clients to understand emerging needs that can 
be addressed by computational linguistics.

The ideal candidate has a Master Degree in Linguistics or in Computer 
Science specializing in Computational Linguistics, Natural Language 
Processing or a related field, and experience in computational manipulation 
and analysis of natural language documents. Previous experience in the 
intelligence field will be considered a plus.

Additional requirements include:
-  Ability to solve natural language processing problems for clients;
-  Self-direction and motivation - to take initiative to address issues in scope 
of responsibility, to manage multiple action items and tasks, and to keep 
stakeholders engaged and informed;
-  Accuracy to check and control contents to make sure there are no 
mistakes before delivering;
-  Curiosity about new application domains;
-  Ability to collaborate in cross-functional, geographically distributed teams.

Salary package is dependent upon relevant experience and background.

About Expert System:

Expert System has been in business since 1989. We were the first to 
develop a true semantic technology and are considered the largest and most 
mature vendor in the space. We have been profitable since the beginning, 
with recent growth at a compound rate of 50%. Expert System's delivers on 
the promise of advanced knowledge management using true semantic 
reasoning technology. We have a stand-alone platform but also support and 
improve the capabilities of other enterprise knowledge management software. 

We provide solutions that: 

-  Analyze text to unlock the hidden value of the 85% of the world's 
information that is unstructured;
-  Eliminate inefficiencies in acquiring, transforming, interpreting and applying 
text-based information for everyday corporate tasks;
Support richer, improved decision making at all corporate levels. 

We offer the best products for search, automated categorization and 
extraction of unstructured information, and natural language processing. We 
are focused on delivering innovative solutions that transform text into 
actionable intelligence in real time. We offer a highly scalable and effective 
technology which can be easily integrated to strengthen the value of existing 
solutions or be implemented as a standalone platform. We have a network of 
partners that, together with our products, offer consulting, implementation and 
training services. We have unique expertise and deliver business solutions 
for marketing, product development, engineering, R&D, and customer care 
organizations of major industries.

Application Deadline: 16-May-2012 
Email Address for Applications: fpetronio at expertsystem.net 
Web Address for Applications: http://www.expertsystem.net 
Contact Information:
	Francesca Petronio 
	Email: fpetronio at expertsystem.net 

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