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Subject: 23.1972, Calls: Anthropological Linguistics, Sociolinguistics/Russia

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Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2012 09:40:05
From: Sonya Oskolskaya [sonypolik at mail.ru]
Subject: 'Folk Linguistics': Language from Speakers' Perspective

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Full Title: 'Folk Linguistics': Language from Speakers' Perspective 

Date: 19-Nov-2012 - 21-Nov-2012
Location: St. Petersburg, Russia 
Contact Person: Sonya Oskolskaya
Meeting Email: folk.linguistics at gmail.com

Linguistic Field(s): Anthropological Linguistics; Sociolinguistics 

Call Deadline: 01-Aug-2012 

Meeting Description:

The conference aims to study the problem of 'folk linguistics' from a perspective that, in a Boasian tradition, got the name of linguistic anthropology. The conference is intended to discuss what social and cultural factors shape speakers' ideas about language, how, through speakers' language behaviour, these language ideologies, on the one hand, form social and cultural space and, on the other hand, cause changes in language structure.

The organizers of the conference are the Institute for Linguistic Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences and the European University at St. Petersburg. 

Call for Papers:

Deadline for abstracts submissions: August 1, 2012

We welcome presentations studying both languages with a long literary history, and with no written history at all.

We invite contributions related (but not limited) to the following topics:

1. The interrelation between 'folk linguistics' and academic linguistics. The role of 'folk linguistics' for scientific language studies
2. Speakers' awareness of language structure
3. Professional linguists as 'naïve' speakers 
4. 'Folk' ideas about:
- 'Own' and 'alien' (borrowed) elements in language
- The functions of language,
- The affinity of languages
- Language varieties (dialects, idioms, varieties, vernaculars, social dialects, etc.)
- School teaching of foreign languages
- Teaching of native languages
- First and second language acquisition
- Translation
- The connection of language and identity
- 'Correct speech'
- Language complexity
- Multilingualism, language mixing, code-switching, etc.
- Writing a grammar and making a dictionary
- Written and oral languages
- Language planning and linguistic engineering (including 'folk' writing systems, manipulated language change, etc.)

We plan to publish the abstracts by the beginning of the conference. Abstracts should conform to the following guidelines:

- Abstracts are to be submitted electronically to the following addresses: folk.linguistics at gmail.com or sonypolik at mail.ru.
- Abstracts should not exceed two pages, including examples and references.
- Page format: A4, 5 cm margins on the left and right sides, 5.5 cm in the upper part and at the page bottom, 11 pt Times New Roman font, single line spacing.
- File format: .doc / .rtf.
- In case of non-standard fonts, please send them as an attachment.
- Abstracts must start with the paper title (in small letters), author(s)' initials and surname(s), affiliation, email (optional). 
- Apart from the abstract, please send a separate file with the following information - author(s)' full name(s), affiliation(s) and position(s), email address(es), phone number(s).
- The conference languages are Russian and English: abstracts and talks will be in Russian or English.
- Text references should be presented as follows: see, e.g., [Клубков 2000: 110], [Silverstein 1985: 221-222]. Full references at the end of the abstract (entitled References) should be presented as follows:

Клубков П. А. Взгляд на язык в истории культуры // Ермаченко И. О. (ред.). Проблемы научной и образовательной интеграции на рубеже тысячелетий. Материалы Международной конференции (2-5 февраля 2000 года), Петрозаводский гос. университет. Петрозаводск: изд-во Петрозаводского гос. университета, 2000. С. 104-110; Silverstein M. Language and the Culture of Gender: At the Intersection of Structure, Usage, and Ideology // Mertz E., Parmentier R. (eds.). Semiotic Mediation: Sociocultural and Psychological Perspectives. Orlando: Academic Press, 1985. P. 219-259.

Presentations should be twenty minutes in length followed by a ten minutes discussion. 

The Organizing Committee will send a notification of acceptance/rejection before September 15, 2012. We will be unable to provide funding to cover travel expenses.

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