23.1981, Jobs: Eng; Disc Analysis; Ling Theories; Pragmatics; Socioling: Assoc Prof, U of Amsterdam

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Subject: 23.1981, Jobs: Eng; Disc Analysis; Ling Theories; Pragmatics; Socioling: Assoc Prof, U of Amsterdam

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Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2012 11:26:59
From: A. Peters []
Subject: English; Discourse Analysis; Linguistic Theories; Pragmatics; Sociolinguistics: Associate Professor, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

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University or Organization: University of Amsterdam 
Department: Faculty of Humanities
Job Location: , Netherlands 
Web Address: http://english.uva.nl/start.cfm
Job Rank: Associate Professor  

Specialty Areas: Discourse Analysis; Linguistic Theories; Pragmatics; Sociolinguistics 

Required Language(s): Dutch (nld)
                      English (eng) 


The Department of English Language and Culture seeks an 
Associate Professor in English Linguistics for 38 hours per week.

Vacancy Number: W12-083

This associate professorship is complementary to an existing full 
professorship for English Linguistics (Prof. Dr Olga Fischer).

The teaching of the linguistics of English takes place in the BA 
program of English Language and Culture and the MA program in 
(English) linguistics. Research is embedded in the Amsterdam 
Center for Language and Communication and could in principle 
touch on all the issues that the  research groups which form part of 
the ACLC are concerned with.

The associate professor of English Linguistics will be embedded in 
the School of Language and Literature. His/her research will be part 
of the Amsterdam Center for Language and Communication (ACLC). 
The Faculty's Bachelor programs are overseen by the College of 
Humanities. Masters and Ph.D. education is overseen by the 
Graduate School of Humanities.

The successful candidate will teach and develop teaching activities 
both as part of and outside the programme of  the Department of 
English Language and Culture. He or she will (help) supervise both 
(under)graduate and doctoral students. The candidate will 
independently conduct research in the areas mentioned, resulting in 
contributions to leading international publications. The candidate will 
be expected to raise funds for and be involved in (international) 
research  projects. The candidate will be responsible, together with 
the professor holding the Chair of English linguistics, for a large part 
of the administrative duties both within and outside the department of 

Applicants should have a Ph.D. in English Language/Linguistics, 
have a strong background in discourse theory and pragmatics, and 
have experience in the practical application of discourse models. 
Ideally the applicant will have research and/or teaching experience 
in language proficiency and/or sociolinguistics. The successful 
candidate will be able to contribute substantively to theoretical 
reflections on the study of English Linguistics in a broader sense, and 
engage actively in empirical research. She/he will have a strong 
international reputation, an excellent publication record, and a 
proven track record of acquiring external research funding. The 
successful candidate will have broad working experience - including 
internationally - in university settings, and will have experience 
supervising graduate students and doctoral candidates. She/he will 
have an active international network. The candidate must have a 
fluent command of both Dutch and English; any appointee lacking 
this level of linguistic competence will be expected to acquire it within 
two years of taking up the post. In keeping with university policy, 
candidates should preferably have international teaching 
experience, preferably at different academic levels. It is crucial that 
applicants have broad experience in the academic and 
administrative duties required at university level.

Job Application:
Please submit a letter of application in Dutch or English, 
accompanied by a CV and list of publications. The application has to 
be received by us 5 May 2012 at the latest. The application should be 
sent to the application address below. The top left-hand corner of the 
envelope should be marked with the vacancy number and the words 
'strictly confidential'.

Application Deadline: 05-May-2012 
Mailing Address for Applications:
	Prof. dr. F. van Vree 
	Spuistraat 210 
	Amsterdam 1012 VT 
Web Address for Applications: http://www.uva.nl/vacatures/vacatures.cfm/39FF6C5C-2264-4667-80820A08870AD835 
Contact Information:
	Drs. A. Peters 
	Phone: +31 20 525 4428 

LINGUIST List: Vol-23-1981	

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