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Subject: 23.2010, Confs: Syntax/UK

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Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2012 12:59:25
From: Theresa Biberauer [mtb23 at cam.ac.uk]
Subject: 1st Cambridge Comparative Syntax Conference

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 1st Cambridge Comparative Syntax Conference 
Short Title: CamCoS 1 

Date: 18-May-2012 - 19-May-2012 
Location: Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom 
Contact: Theresa Biberauer 
Contact Email: mtb23 at cam.ac.uk 
Meeting URL: http://www.mml.cam.ac.uk/dtal/research/recos/camcos/ 

Linguistic Field(s): Syntax 

Meeting Description: 

The ERC-funded research project 'Rethinking Comparative Syntax' at the University of Cambridge is pleased to announce the first Cambridge Comparative Syntax conference (CamCoS 1). 

The theme for this year's conference is 'Ergativity' and the invited speakers are Lisa Travis, Milan Rezac, Itziar Laka, Geoffrey Khan, Roberta D'Alessandro, and Jessica Coon. 

If you would like to attend the presentations and join in the discussions, note that there is no fee, but we do ask you to please register before 13 May via http://www.doodle.com/8smi8hecwk25n5dq. 

18 May: CamCOS warm-up event

Michelle Sheehan - Syntactic ergativity beyond the transitive clause

Alison Biggs - Detransitivising constructions in ergative languages

Ian Roberts - The Smuggling approach to ergativity: pros and cons

19 May
CamCoS Main Conference

Geoffrey Khan (Cambridge) -  Ergativity in Neo-Aramaic

Roberta D'Alessandro (Leiden): An external look at ergativity: Comparing Hindi and Italian dialects


Milan Rezac (Paris VIII) - The structural ergative of Basque: Ergative-absolutive alternations and the nature of structural Case


Jessica Coon (McGill) - Taking ''ergativity'' out of split ergativity: A structural account of aspect and person splits

Itziar Laka (UPV/EHU)- Ergativity from within: representation and processing


Lisa Travis (McGill) - When a language becomes or ceases to be ergative

Closing discussion and Business Meeting

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