23.2032, Jobs: Phonetics; Phonogy; Speech Technology: Linguist, Sensory, Inc.

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Subject: 23.2032, Jobs: Phonetics; Phonogy; Speech Technology: Linguist, Sensory, Inc.

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Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2012 13:32:42
From:  HR Department [jobs at sensoryinc.com]
Subject: Phonetics; Phonogy; Speech Technology: Linguist, Sensory, Inc., Oregon, USA

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University or Organization: Sensory, Inc. 
Department: Human Resources
Job Location: Oregon, USA 
Web Address: http://sensoryinc.com
Job Rank: Linguist  

Specialty Areas: Phonetics; Phonology; Speech Technology


Sensory, Inc. is seeking a Linguist with an interest in speech technology. 
Must be able to juggle multiple projects and priorities, and be very organized 
with strong attention to detail. Must be a fast learner interested in phonetics, 
phonology and technical concepts. Must be comfortable with customer 

Sensory offers an exciting opportunity at a growing technology company 
targeting consumer products with cutting edge speech recognition 
technologies and chips. Sensory is the leader in a rapidly expanding market 
for voice user interfaces in consumer electronics. Notable Sensory 
specialties are voice interfaces for mobile communications, entertainment 
robotics, home automation and automotive. Sensory has design wins with 
major players in all these fields. Sensory has been a leader in small footprint 
speech technologies since it's founding in 1994 and is a profitable privately 
held company positioned for strong growth.

Primary Duties/Responsibilities:
-  Develop, tune and test speaker-independent recognition sets and speech 
prompts for customer projects
-  Recruit and record internal participants for tuning and testing of speech 
recognition sets for customer and internal projects
-  Recruit participants for QA testing of tuned recognition sets for customer 
and internal projects
-  Review recognition vocabulary lexical properties and menu structure for 
optimal customer product performance
-  Interact with customers to provide guidance on dialogue design and 
recognition set makeup for optimal speech recognition success rate
-  Work with Sensory engineers to deliver project vocabularies, translations, 
speech prompts, etc on schedule
-  Assist with QA testing of Sensory's QT2SI (Quick Text-to-Speaker-
Independent) recognition set building tool and other Linguistics tools and 
provide feedback and bug reports to Engineering
-  Responsible for sourcing TTS voice talents auditions, assist in selection of 

Requirements and Preferences:
-  B.A./B.S. in Linguistics required; M.A. in Linguistics preferred
-  1-5 years total job experience with demonstrated focus in linguistics 
-  Excellent understanding of phonological and phonetic concepts required 
-  Ability to interpret spectrograms and transcribe in IPA required
-  Computer literate (Windows, DOS) and experience with Microsoft 
applications required
-  Experience using tools such as Audition, Peak, Sound Forge, or Praat 
-  Knowledge of WorldBet or SAMPA preferred
-  Fluency in at least one foreign language preferred

Application Deadline:  (Open until filled)
Email Address for Applications: jobs at sensoryinc.com 
Contact Information
	HR Department 
	Email: jobs at sensoryinc.com 

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