23.2057, Confs: Tlingit, Tayart Tamajeq, Cherokee, Uda, Language Documentation/USA

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Subject: 23.2057, Confs: Tlingit, Tayart Tamajeq, Cherokee, Uda, Language Documentation/USA

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Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2012 12:10:06
From: Carlos Nash [cmnash at ku.edu]
Subject: CoLang: Institute for Collaborative Language Research

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CoLang: Institute for Collaborative Language Research 
Short Title: CoLang 2012 

Date: 18-Jun-2012 - 27-Jul-2012 
Location: Lawrence, KS, USA 
Contact: Prof. Arienne Dwyer 
Contact Email: colang at ku.edu 
Meeting URL: http://idrh.ku.edu/colang2012/ 

Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics; Language Documentation 

Subject Language(s): Cherokee (chr)
                     Tamajeq, Tayart (thz)
                     Tlingit (tli)
                     Uda (uda)

Meeting Description: 

We would like to invite you to attend the upcoming CoLang 2012 (formerly InField) summer institute to be held at the University of Kansas. CoLang 2012 is a six-week Institute on Collaborative Language Research (formerly InField). The Institute provides an opportunity for graduate students, practicing linguists, and community linguists to become trained in a wide range of skills in community-centered language documentation. 

Held in 2008 (University of California, Santa Barbara) and 2010 (University of Oregon), the six-week institute consists of two parts: the Workshops - two weeks of intensive workshops on the practice of documentary linguistics, followed by a Practicum - a four-week apprenticeship in the application of linguistic science and technology to on-site empirical documentation (a.k.a. 'field linguistics'). Those who enroll in the Practicum are required to enroll in the preceding Workshops, thereby receiving an intensive course in documentary best practices before putting these skills to use. Participants may choose to enroll only in the two-week Workshops. Completion certificates (but no academic credit) will be awarded.

Practicum Languages Offered (http://idrh.ku.edu/colang2012/practicum/):

Tlingit: NaDene language family 
Amazigh (Berber): Afro-Asiatic language family
Uda: Niger-Congo language family
Cherokee: Iroquoian language family

Tuition: $750 for the Workshops; $1500 for the Workshops + Practicum (after 30 April late fees apply)

Registration (http://linguistlist.org/CoLang/2012):

All international participants should register by 15 January 2012 for visa and travel purposes. International participants will still be able to register after this date, but may not be able to obtain a visa in time. 


Campus housing at the University of Kansas is available to early registrants. Housing costs and a meal plan will be added to your total tuition costs at the time of registration. Campus housing is available until 20 May 2012. Visit the registration page for more details. 

For more information the Workshops and Practicum, please visit our website:


Upcoming Deadline:

April 30, 2012 is the last registration day to receive the regular Workshop and Practicum pricing. A late registration fee will be charged after this date.

We hope to see at this upcoming CoLang 2012 summer institute!

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