23.43, Qs: Test to find native English speakers

Tue Jan 3 23:00:05 UTC 2012

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Subject: 23.43, Qs: Test to find native English speakers

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Date: 29-Dec-2011
From: Roman Kutlak [kutlak.roman at gmail.com]
Subject: Test to find native English speakers

-------------------------Message 1 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Tue, 03 Jan 2012 17:59:47
From: Roman Kutlak [kutlak.roman at gmail.com]
Subject: Test to find native English speakers

E-mail this message to a friend:
Hello, I would like to do an experiment that involves a language and I
would like to give my participants a simple test that determines whether
they are native English speakers. A colleague of mine recommended me a
Cloze test of the following form:

Fill in each blank with a word from the next set between { and }.
Scarcely ____  ____  {I, ME, HAD, WOULD, NEVER}  brought down the gavel
when there was an outburst of shouting from the gallery.  The junta had
sent ___ {THEIR, ITS, NO, IT'S, TO} infamous enforcers and they had begun
knocking journalists down and beating them with whatever came ___ {FOR,
FROM, TO, IN, AT} hand.

The provided solution was HAD, I, THEIR/ITS and TO/AT.

I was wondering whether this is a good way of doing it or whether there are
some standard tests/sentences.

Thank you very much.


Roman Kutlak 

Linguistic Field(s): Translation

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