23.149, Diss: General Ling: Kwiatek: 'Contrastive Analysis of English and ...'

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Subject: 23.149, Diss: General Ling: Kwiatek: 'Contrastive Analysis of English and ...'

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Date: 06-Jan-2012
From: Ewelina Kwiatek [evelyn.kwiatek at gmail.com]
Subject: Contrastive Analysis of English and Polish Surveying Terminology

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Date: Mon, 09 Jan 2012 13:57:30
From: Ewelina Kwiatek [evelyn.kwiatek at gmail.com]
Subject: Contrastive Analysis of English and Polish Surveying Terminology

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Institution: Swansea University 
Program: Translation 
Dissertation Status: Completed 
Degree Date: 2011 

Author: Ewelina Anna Kwiatek

Dissertation Title: Contrastive Analysis of English and Polish Surveying

Linguistic Field(s): Lexicography
                     Text/Corpus Linguistics

Subject Language(s): English (eng)
                     Polish (pol)

Dissertation Director(s):
Alison Williams
Pius Ten Hacken

Dissertation Abstract:

Terminology as a scientific field is still a relatively under-researched
area. There are few research projects based on actual and systematic data
compiled in the termbases. Consequently, little is known about the nature
of problems in bilingual terminologies. The scope of subjects that are
fairly well represented in terminological analyses of many languages is
typically limited to law and medicine, whereas little attention has been
paid to such fields as surveying.

The research examines how surveying terms and concepts differ in English
and Polish with respect to three subfields of surveying: geodetic
surveying, cartography and GPS. The data for this investigation comes from
the two monolingual termbases with translation equivalents which were
compiled of surveying corpora designed for the purpose of this study. The
first part of the analysis is concerned with the study of terms, in
particular how they were formed and how they got named. The second part of
the research project provides a comparison of concept systems with respect
to surveying terminology. It examines how concepts were formed and in what
circumstances new concepts were introduced. The main points of interest
were cases where concepts did not match, i.e. where there was no one-to-one
correspondence between the terms in the two languages.

The study of terms revealed that many tendencies in word formation are
common for English and Polish as derivation and compounding are the most
frequent word formation processes in the two languages. English surveying
terminology has many abbreviations, whereas Polish borrows many terms from
English, particularly in the field of GPS. The analysis of concepts
unveiled that there are many conceptual mismatches in geodetic surveying
and cartography, which confirms that the way in which humans organize their
work and the way in which they perceive and classify the world is

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