23.207, Calls: Text/Corpus Ling, Applied Ling/Switzerland

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Subject: 23.207, Calls: Text/Corpus Ling, Applied Ling/Switzerland

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Date: 11-Jan-2012
From: Mirjam Weder [mirjam.weder at unibas.ch]
Subject: 4th International Conference Forum Academic Writing

-------------------------Message 1 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2012 11:57:06
From: Mirjam Weder [mirjam.weder at unibas.ch]
Subject: 4th International Conference Forum Academic Writing

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Full Title: 4th International Conference Forum Academic Writing 

Date: 07-Jun-2012 - 08-Jun-2012
Location: Basel, Switzerland 
Contact Person: Annina Niederberger
Meeting Email: tagungfws-germa at unibas.ch
Web Site: http://www.forumschreiben.ch/tagung2012 

Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics; Text/Corpus Linguistics 

Call Deadline: 20-Jan-2012 

Meeting Description:

Conference Topic: Textual Networks, Networks of Writing, Networks of Thinking: Writing in Educational and Professional Contexts

No text stands on its own. Texts get written, published and interpreted in networks of different kinds. Writers may co-operate with peers or critical friends, get help or receive feedback. Texts take their effects within certain genres or discourse communities which encode certain conventions and discourse practices. These practices profoundly influence how a text is understood and received by its intended readership in the relevant discourse community. The aim of this conference is to shed light on networks of writing and of writers from different perspectives. Theory-based, empirical or practice-based approaches are equally possible. As the University of Basle has corpus linguistics as one of its core research areas, we are particularly interested in work situated on the borderline between corpus linguistics and writing research (e.g. use of text corpora to investigate discourse practices, chunks and set phrases of academic and professional text types, patterns of academic rhetoric etc.). Furthermore, we are looking for contributions concerning networks of writing and thinking in the widest sense, including electronic networks and e-tools (ePortfolio, wikis/blogs, social networks etc.).

Keynote Speakers:

- Prof. Dr. Annelies Häcki-Buhofer, University of Basel
- Dr. Ute Römer, Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Linguistics and ESL Georgia State University, GA, USA
- Prof. Dr. Otto Kruse, Zurich University of Applied Science

Conference Homepage: http://www.forumschreiben.ch/tagung2012 

2nd Call for Papers:

You are kindly invited to present contributions which address the following topics:

- Linguistic and communicative patterns of academic writing and of 'standard discourses' on word- sentence- and text-level
- Linguistic, organisational or genre-specific structures of different text-types in professional and academic writing
- Theoretical, methodological or empirical work concerning the structure and development of writing competences in academic and professional contexts
- Co-operative and collaborative writing involving e-tools, including use of these tools to further critical reflection on writing (internet, ePortfolios, Moodle, platforms for learning).

Contributions from the wider field of writing research and support are also welcome:

- Writing on the borderline of academic, project-specific and reflective practices
- The role of writing in continuing education and the development of companies
- Institutional setting and development of writing and reading centres (content and conceptual level)
- Specifics of scientific, technical and professional writing
- Transitions of literacy competences between high school and university education, and between educational and professional contexts
- Scientific and academic writing in multilingual contexts

Formats of Presentation:

- Individual presentation: lecture followed by discussion (20 plus 10 min., 30 min.)
- Discussion: interactive sessions (60 min.)
- Roundtable: podium discussion with three persons (60 min.)

Conference Languages:

German, contributions in English and French are welcome.

Sending a Proposal:

Send a text of max. 600 characters (including blanks), describing both form and content of your intended presentation by email to:

tagungfws-germa at unibas.ch

A board consisting of experts of the Forum Academic Writing and the University of Basel will review the proposals.

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