23.291, Calls: Socioling, Discourse Analysis, Anthro Ling/Germany

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Subject: 23.291, Calls: Socioling, Discourse Analysis, Anthro Ling/Germany

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Date: 15-Jan-2012
From: Katherine Chen [khychen at hku.hk]
Subject: Gender Ideologies in Public Discourses

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Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2012 12:57:16
From: Katherine Chen [khychen at hku.hk]
Subject: Gender Ideologies in Public Discourses

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Full Title: Gender Ideologies in Public Discourses 

Date: 22-Aug-2012 - 24-Aug-2012
Location: Berlin, Germany 
Contact Person: Katherine Chen
Meeting Email: khychen at hku.hk
Web Site: http://www.sociolinguistics-symposium-2012.de/ 

Linguistic Field(s): Anthropological Linguistics; Discourse Analysis; Sociolinguistics 

Call Deadline: 31-Jan-2012 

Meeting Description:

Sociolinguists and linguistic anthropologists have been studying the relationship between social action and linguistic ideologies. This session aims at investigating such relationship with respect to gender ideologies in public discourses (Philips 2003, McConnell-Ginet 2011). We consider public discourses as a site for the display, negotiation, challenging, and/or (re-)construction of gender ideologies. By 'public discourses', we mean both discourses that take place in public settings and discourses that are accessible to general audiences in media and new media alike. 

Call for Papers:

We welcome paper abstract submissions for the thematic session, 'Gender Ideologies in Public Discourses'.

Papers can take a variety of perspectives and seek to understand the relationships between gender ideologies and public discourses. We are interested particularly in studies that are linguistic data-driven and seek to combine analysis of micro-and macro-level issues and questions. As 'all communication involves acts of stance, in which speakers take up positions vis-à-vis the expressive, referential, interactional, and social implications of their speech' (Jaffe 2009), we see stance and stance-taking of gender in the public space as a theoretical and methodological gateway to understanding how gender ideologies mediate with language and social actions.

We would particularly welcome contributions that engage in discussing one or more of the following:

Stance and stance-taking in constructing/negotiating gender identities
Public displays and discursive practices of masculinity/femininity/sexuality
Discursive practices and tropes about language, usage, and speakers in relation to gender ideologies
Gender, modernity and cosmopolitanism
Media and New Media (particularly interactive social media as a site for gender ideologies)

This panel aims to bring together papers with a unified theme for journal publication. Accepted authors are expected to submit a full conference paper by mid-July, 2012 for circulation among panel members.

For more information on submission guidelines, please view the Sociolinguistics Symposium 19 website:


Key References:

Jaffe, Alexandra (2009) Stance: Sociolinguistic perspectives. OUP
McConnell-Ginet, Sally (2011) Gender, Sexuality, and Meaning: Linguistic Practice and Politics. OUP
Philips, Susan (2003) The power of gender ideologies in discourse. In The handbook of language and gender. By Janet Holmes, Miriam Meyerhoff. Wiley-Blackwell.
Silverstein, Michael (1985). Language and the culture of gender: At the intersection of structure, usage and ideology. In E. Mertz and R. J. Parmentier (eds.), Semiotic Mediation, 219-59. Orlando: Academic Press.
Walton, Shana and Alexandra Jaffe (2011) 'Stuff White People Like': Stance, Class, Race and Internet Commentary. In Digital Discourse edited by Crispin Thurlow and Kristine Mroczek. OUP.

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