23.356, Qs: Sociolinguists Outside Academia

Thu Jan 19 20:50:26 UTC 2012

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Subject: 23.356, Qs: Sociolinguists Outside Academia

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Date: 16-Jan-2012
From: Dave Sayers [dave.sayers at cantab.net]
Subject: Sociolinguists Outside Academia

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Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2012 15:50:01
From: Dave Sayers [dave.sayers at cantab.net]
Subject: Sociolinguists Outside Academia

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I've already sent this query to some discipline-specific email lists, and 
had a good number of responses, but none positive.

What I was asking is about people doing sociolinguistic research who, 
for one reason or another, are not employed within academic 
institutions. This could include people who have finished their PhD but 
not yet found academic employment (like me!), or people who engage 
in paid sociolinguistic research but not through an academic institution 
(for example Pamela McKensie's excellent work on mother tongue 
based education in India and Bangladesh, for the International Network 
for Development).

I'm interested to know about any groups specifically for sociolinguists in 
this sort of position. An example of such a group in another discipline is 
the British Sociological Association's ''Sociologists Outside Academia'' 
study group: http://www.britsoc.co.uk/specialisms/SOA.htm. Is anyone 
out there aware of any organisations or associations (or groups within 
those) dedicated to bringing together sociolinguists outside academia? 

Linguistic Field(s): Sociolinguistics

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