23.396, Support: Semantics, Pragmatics: PhD Student, U of Konstanz, Germany

Tue Jan 24 16:34:02 UTC 2012

LINGUIST List: Vol-23-396. Tue Jan 24 2012. ISSN: 1069 - 4875.

Subject: 23.396, Support: Semantics, Pragmatics: PhD Student, U of Konstanz, Germany

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Date: 16-Jan-2012
From: Maribel Romero [maribel.romero at uni-konstanz.de]
Subject: Semantics, Pragmatics: PhD Student, University of Konstanz, Germany

-------------------------Message 1 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2012 11:33:02
From: Maribel Romero [maribel.romero at uni-konstanz.de]
Subject: Semantics, Pragmatics: PhD Student, University of Konstanz, Germany

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 Institution/Organization: University of Konstanz 
Department: Linguistics 
Web Address: http://ling.uni-konstanz.de/ 

Level: PhD 

Duties: Research
Specialty Areas: Semantics 


The Department of Linguistics of the University of Konstanz invites applicants
for a Doctoral Research Position (Salary scale 13 TV-L / 65%).

Applicants are invited for a three-year doctoral position within the Research
Unit 'What if: On the meaning, epistemology, and scientific relevance of
counterfactual claims and thought experiments', funded by the DFG (Deutsche
Forschungsgemeinschaft) at the University of Konstanz. The successful candidate
is expected to work within the project 'Semantics and pragmatics of
counterfactuals' and undertake research towards a Ph. D. in linguistics. The
position is available as of April 1st, 2012.

Project description:
So-called subjunctive conditionals (e.g. If John had come yesterday, he would
have enjoyed it) often convey that the content of the if-clause is false. The
counterfactuality of the if-proposition is taken not to be asserted or
presupposed, but rather generated as an implicature. However, the exact source
of the implicature is not clear, and different analyses are applied to different
conditional types. The aim of the project is to investigate the semantic and
pragmatic basis of counterfactuality, including the contribution of
morphological marking (mood, tense, aspect), pragmatic inferencing, and other
additional elements in different types of conditionals (severe tense mismatch,
light negation, donkey quantification).

Applicants should have an M.A. degree (or equivalent) in linguistics and should
specialize in formal semantics. Knowledge of pragmatics, logic and/or philosophy
of language is welcome.

The University of Konstanz encourages disabled persons to apply. They will be
given preference if appropriately qualified (contact +49 (0) 7531 / 88 - 4895).

The University of Konstanz has been certified by the Hertie Foundation to be a
family-friendly institution. The University is committed to further the
compatibility of work and family life.

The University of Konstanz is an equal opportunity employer and tries to
increase the number of women in research and teaching. 

Applicants should send a short cover letter, a full CV and one sample
publication or paper by February 9th, 2012 to Maribel Romero at the postal
address below or via email (maribel.romero at uni-konstanz.de ).

Address for applications: Prof. Dr. Maribel Romero, Fachbereich
Sprachwissenschaft, Postfach 181, 78457 Konstanz, Germany. 

Application Deadline: 09-Feb-2012 

Mailing Address for Applications:
	Attn: Prof. Maribel Romero 
	Department of Linguistics, Post 181 
	University of Konstanz 
	Konstanz 78457 
Web Address for Applications: http://www.uni-konstanz.de/suche/index.php?cont=stellausw&seite=2012/002&id=1 

Contact Information: 
	Prof. Maribel Romero 
	maribel.romero at uni-konstanz.de  

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