23.406, Confs: Translation, Socioling/Canada

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Subject: 23.406, Confs: Translation, Socioling/Canada

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Date: 23-Jan-2012
From: James Archibald [jak.archibald at mcgill.ca]
Subject: Translation Policy, Issues in Strategic Management

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Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2012 19:56:48
From: James Archibald [jak.archibald at mcgill.ca]
Subject: Translation Policy, Issues in Strategic Management

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Translation Policy, Issues in Strategic Management 

Date: 12-Mar-2012 - 13-Mar-2012 
Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada 
Contact: Bryan Jim 
Contact Email: bryan.jim at mcgill.ca 

Linguistic Field(s): Sociolinguistics; Translation 

Meeting Description: 

Translation Policy, Issues in the Strategic Management of Language 

Governments, intergovernmental organizations, institutions in the 
public and private sectors, and businesses operate increasingly in 
multilingual environments. These may be international, domestic, 
regional or local in scope. The need for the strategic management of 
comprehensive translation policies has emerged at the beginning of 
the 21st century as an imperative which can no longer be ignored as 
organizations devise and implement translation policies which are 
designed to meet the future needs of a wide variety of stakeholders. 
Those who are seen as trend-setters in this context have formulated 
strategies which communicate new directions through the statement of 
goals and objectives, policies and procedures, programs and plans all 
of which are designed to encourage adherence to the beliefs and values 
which support the very existence of translation policies within the 
framework of larger language policies.

This colloquium strives to provide a contextual background against 
which the translation policies of the 21st century will emerge no 
matter what the organizational situation. Reflections on issues, case 
analyses and theoretical approaches to these types of strategic 
planning are needed in order for government officials, civil society 
activists, business people and concerned citizens to engage in a 
positive manner in policy changes which are responsive to societal 
needs in the broadest sense of the term.

The colloquium will be held in both Paris at ISIT and in Montreal at 
McGill University in order to allow professionals, practitioners and 
researchers from both sides of the Atlantic to participate in a 
productive international debate. 

Université McGill University
ISIT - Institut de management et de communication interculturels
Traduction : politiques et stratégies dans la gestion de la 

Translation: Issues in the Strategic Management of Language Policy


lundi 12 mars/Monday, 12 March 
11 h - midi     
Inscription et accueil

14 h 
Conférence d'ouverture pour McGill,James ARCHIBALD (Université 
Politiques, stratégies et contextes 

14 h 45 
Conférence d'ouverture pour l'ISIT,Sandrine PERALDI (Institut de 
management et de communication interculturels ISIT)
Politique européenne 

15 h 30 

15 h 45 - 16 h  

16 h 
Regards sur l'Europe
Corina VALEANU (Université de Lyon 2) 
Traduire la langue du droit dans les pays membres de l'Union 
européenne :  quelques enjeux sociolinguistiques

16 h 30  
Clôture de la première journée

mardi 13 mars/Tuesday, 13 March 
Regards sur le Québec et le Canada 

9 h 15 
Danielle TURCOTTE (Office québécois de la langue française)
La gestion et  la modernisation des approches de l'OQLF 

10 h  Louise GONEAU (Office of the Commissioner of Official 
Languages/Commissariat aux langues officielles) 
La vérification de la prestation des services en français et en anglais 
aux  passagers d'Air Canada 

10 h 45 Vera ROY (Société québécoise d'information juridique SOQUIJ) 
Official Unofficial Translations: SOQUIJ's English Translations of 
Quebec Judgments

11 h 30 

12 h Déjeuner

Regards sur le monde 

13 h 15 
Monia HAMMAMI (Université de la Manouba) 
Le traducteur : médiataire linguistique et interculturel

14 h  
Ana Helena ROSSI (Université de Brasilia)
Pour des politiques de traduction réfléchies : une étude de cas

14 h 45 

15 h  
Études de cas

15 h 15 
Dominique BOHBOT EL KAHEL (Caisse canadienne de dépôt de valeurs 
Politiques de traduction des services linguistiques en entreprise - 
Étude de cas : la CDS - Coût ou valeur ajoutée?

16 h 
Monique CARMEL (Groupe Banque TD)
Se tailler une place enviable : Évolution des services de traduction à la 

16 h 45 

17 h  
Table ronde de clôture 


Students :  CAN$40
Academics/language professionals: CAN$80 
General Public: CAN$140

Information and registration: 


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veuillez mentionner l'Université McGill en effectuant votre réservation. 
McGill University has negotiated special arrangements with five Official 
Hotels located in downtown Montreal within walking distance from the 
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