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Subject: 24.5048, Jobs: Comp Ling: Computational Linguist, Fluential

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Date: Tue, 10 Dec 2013 15:31:27
From: Keri Canedo [kcanedo at fluential.com]
Subject: Computational Linguistics: Computational Linguist, Fluential, California, USA

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University or Organization: Fluential 
Job Location: California, USA 
Web Address: http://www.fluential.com
Job Rank: Computational Linguist

Specialty Areas: Computational Linguistics 


Title:  Computational Linguist
Location:  Sunnyvale, CA
Status:  Part Time

Company Description:
Fluential, LLC is a well-funded start-up with cutting-edge speech recognition and machine translation technology.  Our disruptive, patent-pending platform is applicable to a variety of markets and environments where multiple spoken languages and limited input modalities inhibit communication.

With an exciting mix of evolving speech-enabled products, Fluential offers excellent opportunities for “rock star” individuals to grow and share in our success.  We offer competitive compensation, excellent benefits and an ultra-creative work environment.

And the only thing we’re missing is YOU!

Job Description:
We are currently seeking a talented linguist to join our hands-on team developing our next-generation speech applications. The ideal candidate has experience with things like writing programs to manage or normalize data, assessing different NLP algorithms, writing regular expressions, crowd sourcing tools, and corpus creation. You should understand the importance of testing your work and be comfortable explaining and documenting this for others. In this role, the candidate will work closely with a team of technology experts to create language models as well as to test and tune speech recognition systems. 

- Implement NLP algorithms to improve the capabilities of our platform in Python
- Write Python/C++ code to analyze data, run experiments or build statistical models
- Assist in creation of a corpus to drive a domain specific natural language application 
- Write regular expression rules to capture relevant information from unstructured text
- Assess existing data and identify areas where data scarcity is potentially problematic
- Work with other members in the team on various other projects as needed

Desired Skills & Experience:
- 2+ years of experience in Python/C++
- Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in computational linguistics, computer science or related field. 
- Familiarity with writing regular expressions
- Meticulous attention to detail
- Good analytical and diagnostic skills. 
- Passion for solving difficult problems
- Strong planning and communication skills
- Native or near native English language proficiency

- Experience with scripting in a Linux environment. 
- Background in natural language processing, machine learning and/or computational linguistics

Qualified candidates are encouraged to send your resume and cover letter to the application email address below. Please put in the subject header Linguist-13. Fluential, LLC, is an Equal Opportunity Employer. To learn more, please visit us online at the department URL above.

Application Deadline:  (Open until filled)
Email Address for Applications: swright at fluential.com 
Contact Information:
	Keri Canedo 
	Email: kcanedo at fluential.com 
	Phone: 4087471010 

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