24.5129, Calls: Language Acquisition/USA

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LINGUIST List: Vol-24-5129. Thu Dec 12 2013. ISSN: 1069 - 4875.

Subject: 24.5129, Calls: Language Acquisition/USA

Moderator: Damir Cavar, Eastern Michigan U <damir at linguistlist.org>

Monica Macaulay, U of Wisconsin Madison
Rajiv Rao, U of Wisconsin Madison
Joseph Salmons, U of Wisconsin Madison
Mateja Schuck, U of Wisconsin Madison
Anja Wanner, U of Wisconsin Madison
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Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2013 18:00:24
From: Nelly Martin [nmartin3 at wisc.edu]
Subject: 2014 SLA Graduate Student Symposium

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Full Title: 2014 SLA Graduate Student Symposium 

Date: 11-Apr-2014 - 12-Apr-2014
Location: Madison, Wisconsin, USA 
Contact Person: Nelly Martin
Meeting Email: slagrads at languageinstitute.wisc.edu
Web Site: http://2014slasymposium.lss.wisc.edu 

Linguistic Field(s): Language Acquisition 

Call Deadline: 01-Feb-2014 

Meeting Description:

Crossing Borders: Engaging and Connecting

The graduate students at the University of Iowa and the University of Wisconsin–Madison have formed a partnership to host this annual conference, with organization and hosting of the conference alternating between the universities. Our purpose is to provide an opportunity for graduate students in SLA and related disciplines to present their work and meet distinguished researchers in their field.

Studies in the field of second language acquisition (SLA) have drawn from various perspectives, among them cognitive, social, sociocultural, sociocognitive, as well as from several related fields including education, applied linguistics, psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics, and from other distinct fields that considered aspects of language as part of their research focus. No doubt, these multiplicities of perspectives and cross disciplinary studies have immensely enriched the conceptual and research base of SLA. But they have often done so independently within their respective boundaries. Based on the theme: Crossing Borders: Engaging and Connecting, the 2014 SLA graduate student symposium seeks to advance calls for new and future studies that would cut across the separate disciplinary boundaries and perspectives, as well as stimulate interactions and cooperation among them.

Plenary Speakers:

Lourdes Ortega, Georgetown University
Judith Liskin-Gasparro, University of Iowa

Panel Discussions:

1. A Single Data Source, Multiple Perspectives: How Researchers Approach their Data
2. Ethics in SLA Research

Call for Papers:

We seek proposals from graduate students whose research both reflects the interdisciplinary nature of the field of SLA and draws on connections and engagements among the disciplines and perspectives. Studies from a variety of areas will be accepted. These areas include but are not limited to: 
- Classroom research
- Second and foreign language pedagogy
- Psycholinguistic approaches to SLA
- Generative second language acquisition
- Heritage language acquisition
- Language and culture
- Socialization
- Sociolinguistics
- World Englishes
- Pragmatics
- Learner corpora and SLA
- Testing and assessment
- Analysis of discourse and interaction
- Computer-assisted language learning 

Submission Guidelines:

Submission deadline: February 1, 2014
Notification of acceptance: February 18, 2014

All proposals must be original (i.e., not previously presented in public) and unpublished work. Paper presentations will be 20 minutes followed by a 10-minute discussion period. Poster presentations will be displayed at an hour-long session, during which poster authors will stand by their posters to discuss their work. Abstracts should be no more than 300 words. Please submit abstracts by February 1, 2014 to: slagrads at languageinstitute.wisc.edu (only email submission is accepted). Notification of acceptance will be sent by February 18, 2014.

Please adhere to the following format:

In the body of the email message, please include all of the following information in the following order:

1. Title of presentation (maximum 10 words)
2. Presenter’s name (family, given)
3. Department and affiliation
4. Complete mailing address
5. Phone/fax
6. Preferred email address for correspondence
7. Summary of the presentation, with a clear theoretical or empirical focus (maximum 50 words). This summary will be included in the program booklet and cannot be subsequently revised.

Also in the body of the email message, please indicate your choice in the following format: 

I wish my abstract to be considered as a: 
- Presentation or poster
- Presentation only
- Poster only

Please include an abstract as an attachment. The attachment must be a Microsoft Word document. It may not exceed 300 words. Please place the title as the first line of the document. Neither your name nor your institution’s name should appear in the abstract.

Evaluation of Proposals:

Reviewers will take into consideration these criteria when evaluating proposals:

- Choice and clarity of topic, perspective, and/or method
- Quality of research (literature, methods, and conclusions)
- Contribution to field, originality
- Relevance to current issues in SLA

Please contact slagrads at languageinstitute.wisc.edu, or one of the symposium organizers Amy Clay (aclay at wisc.edu) Nelly Martin (nmartin3 at wisc.edu), Kazeem Sanuth (sanuth at wisc.edu) with any questions you have about submissions.

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