24.5138, Support: English, General Linguistics/United Kingdom

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LINGUIST List: Vol-24-5138. Fri Dec 13 2013. ISSN: 1069 - 4875.

Subject: 24.5138, Support: English, General Linguistics/United Kingdom

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Date: Fri, 13 Dec 2013 10:54:15
From: Eva Schultze-Berndt [eva.schultze-berndt at manchester.ac.uk]
Subject: PhD Student, University of Manchester, United Kingdom

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 Institution/Organization: University of Manchester 
Department: Linguistics and English Language 
Web Address: http://www.alc.manchester.ac.uk/subjects/lel/ 

Level: PhD 

Duties: Research
Specialty Areas: General Linguistics 
Required Language(s): English (eng)


The Department of Linguistics and English Language at The University of Manchester is pleased to invite applications for PhD studentships through the University’s President's Doctoral Scholar (PDS) Competition. We welcome applications from outstanding students for 2014-15 entry (start September 2014) for the following degree programmes:
- PhD in English Language
- PhD in Linguistics

Students of all nationalities and research areas are eligible for the award, which covers tuition fees (home/EU or international, as appropriate) and the equivalent of the research council stipend (£13,863 per annum).

The Department of Linguistics and English Language is an international centre for Linguistics and English Language, with 20 full-time members of staff and approximately 30 Postgraduate Research students. It is unique in the UK and beyond in the breadth of subject areas and theoretical approaches represented by its members, many of whom are internationally renowned scholars in their specialisms. In their research, members of the department combine the advancement of theoretical approaches with a strong concern for their empirical and methodological foundations. Areas of expertise include phonetics and phonology, morphology, syntax (lexical-functional grammar, role and reference grammar, construction grammar, and minimalism), (formal) semantics, pragmatics, historical linguistics, dialectology, language contact, variational sociolinguistics, first language acquisition, field linguistics and language documentation, typology, and quantitative corpus-based approaches. Note that we cannot normally supervise projects with a primary focus on second language teaching and learning. For more information about the research interests of individual members of staff and current postgraduate students, please visit http://www.alc.manchester.ac.uk/subjects/lel/. 

PhD students in Linguistics and English Language are part of the diverse and dynamic postgraduate community in the new Graduate School of the School of Arts, Languages and Cultures (http://www.alc.manchester.ac.uk/graduateschool/). Students in Graduate School enjoy access to outstanding library and IT resources and training provision within a collegial environment.

The deadline for submitting PDS funding applications is 5 pm on Friday 21 February 2014. Please visit the School of Arts, Languages, and Cultures funding page (http://www.alc.manchester.ac.uk/fees/postgraduate-research-funding/) for the application form and guidance.

You have to submit your online application for a place on your chosen PhD programme by Friday 31 January 2014. This will ensure that you are in receipt of an offer of a place on your chosen PhD programme in advance of the  deadline.

For inquiries about the academic side of your application, please contact eva.schultze-berndt at manchester.ac.uk. 
For questions about the administrative side of the application process, please contact Phdsalc at manchester.ac.uk. 

Application Deadline: 21-Feb-2014 

Web Address for Applications: http://www.alc.manchester.ac.uk/fees/postgraduate-research-funding/ 

Contact Information: 
	Prof Eva Schultze-Berndt 
eva.schultze-berndt at manchester.ac.uk  

LINGUIST List: Vol-24-5138	
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