24.140, Calls: Computational Linguistics/Bulgaria

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LINGUIST List: Vol-24-140. Wed Jan 09 2013. ISSN: 1069 - 4875.

Subject: 24.140, Calls: Computational Linguistics/Bulgaria

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Date: Wed, 09 Jan 2013 15:21:26
From: Irina Temnikova [irina.temnikova at gmail.com]
Subject: Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing

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Full Title: Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing 
Short Title: RANLP-2013 

Date: 07-Sep-2013 - 13-Sep-2013
Location: Hissar, Bulgaria 
Contact Person: Irina Temnikova
Meeting Email: ranlp2013 at lml.bas.bg
Web Site: http://www.lml.bas.bg/ranlp2013 

Linguistic Field(s): Computational Linguistics 

Call Deadline: 17-May-2013 

Meeting Description:

We are pleased to announce that the 9th RANLP conference is to be convened in September 2013. 

RANLP (Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing) has established itself over the years as one of the most influential and competitive NLP conferences.

The conference will take the form of addresses from invited keynote speakers plus presentations of peer-reviewed individual papers. There will also be an exhibition area for poster and demo sessions. A Student Research Workshop will run parallel to the main conference. 

RANLP-2013, like RANLP-11, will be held in Augusta Spa hotel, Hissar.  

The Team behind RANLP-2013:

Galia Angelova, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria (OC Chair)
Kalina Bontcheva, University of Sheffield, UK
Ruslan Mitkov, University of Wolverhampton, UK (PC Chair)
Preslav Nakov, Qatar Computing Research Institute, Qatar Foundation, Qatar
Nikolai Nikolov, INCOMA Ltd., Shoumen, Bulgaria
Ivelina Nikolova, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria
Kiril Simov, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria (Workshop coordinator)
Irina Temnikova, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria
Natalia Konstantinova, University of Wolverhampton, UK

Call for Papers:

We invite papers reporting on recent advances in all aspects of Natural Language Processing (NLP). We encourage the representation of a broad range of areas including, but not limited to, the following: phonetics, phonology, and morphology; syntax, semantics, discourse, pragmatics, dialogue, and lexicon; mathematical and statistical models and complexity; language resources and corpora; electronic dictionaries, terminologies and ontologies; POS tagging; parsing; semantic role labelling; word-sense disambiguation; textual entailment; anaphora resolution; generation; speech recognition; text-to-speech synthesis; multilingual NLP; machine translation, translation memory systems and computer-aided translation tools, text simplification and readability estimation; knowledge acquisition; information retrieval; text categorisation; information extraction; text summarisation; term extraction; question answering; opinion mining; dialogue systems; computer-aided language learning; NLP for biomedical texts; NLP for the Semantic web; and theoretical and application-orientated papers related to NLP.

Submission of Papers, Posters, Demos:

The submission will be maintained by conference management software. For further instructions, please follow the submission information at the conference website at http://www.lml.bas.bg/ranlp2013. The reviewing process will be anonymous. Double submission is allowed, but authors will be asked to declare it. Submissions will be reviewed by at least three members of the Programme Committee. Authors of accepted papers will receive guidelines regarding how to produce camera-ready versions of their papers for inclusion in the proceedings. The full conference proceedings will be uploaded on the ACL Anthology and a printed version will be available at the conference.

Important Dates:

Conference abstract submission: 13 May 2013  
Conference paper submission: 17 May 2013, no extension will be given
Conference paper acceptance notification: 1 July 2013
Camera-ready versions of the conference papers: 31 July 2013

RANLP-2013 tutorials: 7-8 September 2013 (Saturday-Sunday)
RANLP-2013 conference: 9-11 September 2013 (Monday-Wednesday)
RANLP-2013 workshops: 12-13 September 2013 (Thursday-Friday)

Chair of the Programme Committee:

Ruslan Mitkov (University of Wolverhampton)

Chair of the Organising Committee:

Galia Angelova (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences)

The Programme Committee members are distinguished experts from all over the world. The list of PC members will be announced in the second Call for Papers.

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