24.186, Calls: Semantics, Pragmatics, Morphology/France

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LINGUIST List: Vol-24-186. Fri Jan 11 2013. ISSN: 1069 - 4875.

Subject: 24.186, Calls: Semantics, Pragmatics, Morphology/France

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Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2013 10:34:28
From: Lotfi Abouda [lotfi.abouda at univ-orleans.fr]
Subject: 6th Encounters of Semantics and Pragmatics

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Full Title: 6th Encounters of Semantics and Pragmatics 
Short Title: RSP6 

Date: 01-Jul-2013 - 03-Jul-2013
Location: Orleans, France 
Contact Person: Lotfi Abouda
Meeting Email: RSP6 at univ-orleans.fr
Web Site: http://www.univ-orleans.fr/RSP 

Linguistic Field(s): Morphology; Pragmatics; Semantics 

Call Deadline: 28-Jan-2013 

Meeting Description:

6th Encounters of Semantics and Pragmatics (RSP6) 
Orleans 1, 2 and 3 July 2013
The sixth ‘Rencontres de Sémantique et Pragmatique’ (RSP6) will be organized, like the previous ones (Paris, 1996; Orleans, 1999; Sousse 2002; Orleans, 2006; Gabes, 2009), around a double call for papers. It is organized by the Laboratoire Ligérien de Linguistique (UMR 7270, Université d’Orléans) and the Revue de Sémantique et Pragmatique (http://www.univ-orleans.fr/RSP).

Along with a general session open to discussions devoted to semantics, pragmatics or the semantics/pragmatics interface, RSP6 will dedicate a thematic session to communications and discussions about the semantics/morphology interface (or the pragmatics/morphology interface).

Call for Papers:

Format of communications: 20 minutes of communication, followed by 10 minutes of discussion

To submit: Proposals for papers should be sent before 28 January 2013 directly by email attachment to: rsp6 at univ-orleans.fr.

Abstract Format:

A proposal may be submitted either under the thematic session or the general (non-thematic) session. It will consist of a summary (abstract) of 2500 characters (including spaces) minimum and 5000 characters maximum, including references.

Abstracts will be submitted in word format (.docx or .rtf) as an attachment to the email address of the conference: rsp6 at univ-orleans.fr.

Summaries are anonymous, the name and affiliation of the author(s) is to be included in the message body (email).
Languages of submission: French, English, Spanish

Important Dates:

The extended deadline for sending the abstracts is 28 January 2013.
The decisions of the Scientific Committee will be communicated between 25 February and 15 March 2013.
Confirmation of participation: before the end of March 2013
Payment of the conference at preferential rates: between 1 April and 31 May 2013. From 1 June, a normal price will apply.
Closing date: 15 June 2013
The final program will be published on 15 April 2013.

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