24.190, Calls: Applied Ling, Lang Acq, Anthro Ling, Socioling, Translation/Kazakhstan

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LINGUIST List: Vol-24-190. Fri Jan 11 2013. ISSN: 1069 - 4875.

Subject: 24.190, Calls: Applied Ling, Lang Acq, Anthro Ling, Socioling, Translation/Kazakhstan

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Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2013 11:42:14
From: Juldyz Smagulova [juldyz at kimep.kz]
Subject: KIMEP International Research Conference: ‘Central Asia in the Global Community’

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Full Title: KIMEP International Research Conference: ‘Central Asia in the Global Community’ 
Short Title: KIRC 10 

Date: 04-Apr-2013 - 06-Apr-2013
Location: Almaty, Kazakhstan 
Contact Person: Juldyz Smagulova
Meeting Email: juldyz at kimep.kz
Web Site: http://www.kimep.kz/kirc 

Linguistic Field(s): Anthropological Linguistics; Applied Linguistics; Language Acquisition; Sociolinguistics; Translation 

Call Deadline: 11-Feb-2013 

Meeting Description:

KIMEP International Research Conference
April 4-6, 2013
‘Central Asia in the Global Community: Challenges and Opportunities’

The 10th KIMEP International Research Conference (KIRC) will be held on the campus of KIMEP University on April 4-6, 2013 (Thursday - Saturday). This multi-disciplinary conference is dedicated to promoting knowledge on issues relevant to Central Asia, but including global issues that impact all of us, no matter where we live. The working language of the conference is English, but some sessions will be scheduled in Kazakh and Russian to accommodate both presenters and audience.

Social Events:  

Welcome Get-Together (Traditional Yurt Experience): Thursday, April 4
Cultural Event (Traditional Central Asian Music and Dance) and Dinner: Friday, April 5
Afternoon Sightseeing Excursion (Medeo & Shymbulak Mountain): Saturday, April 6
Daylong Sightseeing Excursion (Charyn Canyon / Turgyn Falls): Sunday, April 7, depending on interest

Further Details:

Conference website: http://www.kimep.kz/kirc

Call for Papers:

The Language and Humanities group invites papers on:

- Language education
- Language teaching and learning
- Language policy and planning
- Language socialization
- Multilingualism and literacies
- World languages and lingua francas
- Translation

‘Central Asia in the Global Community: Challenges and Opportunities’ is the theme of this year’s conference. We encourage papers that are relevant to this broad theme without excluding papers which fall outside this field. 


To attend KIRC is free of charge for presenters and non-presenters. In either case, please download the Participation Form from http://www.kimep.kz/kirc/about/srn/, fill it out, and submit it to KIRCinfo at kimep.kz. 

Important Dates:

February 11, 2013: Deadline for submitting a short abstract or summary of your proposal. We will consider proposals for research papers, speeches, workshops or panel discussions. Short abstracts should include a clearly formulated problem statement, a short description of methodology used, and a short summary of expected or found results. Short abstracts should not exceed 250 words. Please see http://www.kimep.kz/kirc/about/srn/ for an example and template. If you are interested in organizing a special session, a panel discussion, etc., please submit a proposal in similar format describing the presenters/participants and the topic briefly - again not to exceed 250 words.

February 20, 2013: Notification of acceptance

March 1, 2013: For those interested in having their presentation published in our Official Proceedings, March 1 is the deadline for submitting an extended abstract or the text of your presentation. Extended abstracts or presentations should be 2-10 pages long - no longer. There is not specific style or requirements for presentations. Extended abstracts should include an expanded and clearly formulated problem statement, a complete description of methodology used, and details of expected or found results. (See template at http://www.kimep.kz/kirc/about/srn/.) No short abstracts of less than 1 page will be included in the Official Proceedings - only in the Conference Program. All submissions, of course, must be original in nature. 

March 1, 2013: Deadline for sending a brief biography (50 words maximum). All presenters of accepted papers will be asked to provide their biographical data. 

Submission of Abstracts & Presentations: 

Send your short abstract, extended abstract and/or presentation text to the following address: KIRClanguage at kimep.kz.

LINGUIST List: Vol-24-190	

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