24.195, Jobs: French; Spanish; Applied Ling; Lang Acq: Asst Prof/Assoc Prof, University of Alberta

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LINGUIST List: Vol-24-195. Fri Jan 11 2013. ISSN: 1069 - 4875.

Subject: 24.195, Jobs: French; Spanish; Applied Ling; Lang Acq: Asst Prof/Assoc Prof, University of Alberta

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Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2013 14:25:25
From: Dolores Wohland [dolores.wohland at ualberta.ca]
Subject: French; Spanish; Applied Linguistics; Language Acquisition: Assistant Professor/Associate Professor, University of Alberta, Alberta, Canada

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 University or Organization: University of Alberta 
Job Location: Alberta, Canada 
Web Address: http://www.mlcs.ca
Job Rank: Asst/Assoc Professor

Specialty Areas: Applied Linguistics; Language Acquisition 

Required Language(s): French (fra)
                      Spanish (spa) 


The Department of Modern Languages & Cultural Studies at the University of
Alberta invites applications for a position in Applied Linguistics at the
Assistant Professor or Associate Professor rank, with a specialty in Second
Language Acquisition and pedagogy.  The successful candidate will coordinate
and administer an undergraduate language program (French or Spanish);
supervise and mentor graduate teaching assistants and sessional instructors;
teach graduate seminars within the department’s Applied Linguistics program;
and engage in research in second language acquisition and pedagogy.  A PhD in
Applied Linguistics, French Applied Linguistics or Spanish Applied Linguistics
is required.  Native or near-native proficiency in French or Spanish is
required, along with demonstrated competence and experience in the
administration of undergraduate language programs.

Applicants should have a strong cultural orientation to their professional
activities and be open to collaboration with other disciplines.  MLCS has
applied linguists in French, German, Spanish, Russian and Ukrainian who work
in their respective language areas and in the cross-linguistic graduate
program in Applied Linguistics (see http://www.arts.ualberta.ca/~applling/).
Applied Linguistics in MLCS encompasses not only second language acquisition
and pedagogy but also sociolinguistics and discourse analysis.

The University of Alberta, one of Canada’s largest and most accomplished
research universities, is situated in Edmonton, a metropolitan area of over
one million with a vibrant artistic community and excellent standard of
living. Established in 1908 as a board-governed public institution, the
University of Alberta has earned the reputation of being one of the top five
universities in Canada based on its strengths in teaching, research and
service. The University of Alberta serves over 38,000 students in more than
200 undergraduate and 170 graduate programs (www.ualberta.ca). The Faculty of
Arts is the oldest and most diverse faculty on campus, and one of the largest
research and teaching centres in western Canada (www.arts.ualberta.ca).

On-line applications including cv, letters of reference, a teaching portfolio,
and a sample publication, should be submitted as soon as possible for full
consideration.  The position will remain open until filled, but applications
received by February 5, 2013 will receive full consideration.

Application Deadline: Open Until Filled
Web Address for Applications: http://www.careers.ualberta.ca/Competition/A110718960/Apply/ 
Contact Information:
	Dolores Wohland 
	Email: dolores.wohland at ualberta.ca 
	Phone: +1 780-492-1997 
	Fax: +1 780-492-9106

LINGUIST List: Vol-24-195	

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