24.403, Summer Schools: Summer Course on Distributed Morphology and Turkish Morphosyntax/Istanbul,Turkey

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LINGUIST List: Vol-24-403. Wed Jan 23 2013. ISSN: 1069 - 4875.

Subject: 24.403, Summer Schools: Summer Course on Distributed Morphology and Turkish Morphosyntax/Istanbul,Turkey

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Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2013 09:57:25
From: A. Sumru Ozsoy [ozsoys at boun.edu.tr]
Subject: Summer Course on Distributed Morphology and Turkish Morphosyntax/Istanbul,Turkey

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 Summer Course on Distributed Morphology and Turkish Morphosyntax/Istanbul,Turkey

Host Institution: Boğaziçi University
Website: http://www.summer.boun.edu.tr

Dates: 24-Jun-2013 - 07-Aug-2013
Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Focus: This is a course on Distributed Morphology and Turkish Morphosyntax.  It is of special interest to those in the field of theoretical linguistics with specific focus on Distributed Morphology and Turkish Morphosyntax.

Minimum Education Level: Undergraduate

Special Qualifications:
The course is intended for undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in the framework of Distributed Morphology and Turkish Morphosyntax.

The Summer Term of Bogazici University will be offering a course taught by
Prof. Jorge Hankamer on  Distributed Morphology and Turkish Morphosyntax.
Distributed Morphology (DM) is a framework for the theory and description of
relations between morphology and syntax.There is now a considerable amount of
cross-linguistic work within the DM framework, but very little of it has
focused on Turkish.  This opens an opportunity, because the morphology of
Turkish interacts with the syntax in very clear and illuminating ways.The
proposed course, designed for advanced undergraduates and graduate students in
the first couple of years of their graduate training, will first provide an
introduction to DM in the context of current thinking about the theory of
syntax.  Then it will proceed to various problems and issues in the
development of the theory of morphology, particularly as related to the
morphology and syntax of Turkish. Early readings will be from the early DM
literature. The middle of the course will focus on contemporary DM analyses of
phenomena on which Turkish can shed some light.  The last segment of the
course will concentrate on specific problems in Turkish Morphosyntax, viewed
from a DM perspective.

Summer term courses of Bogazici University are available to all university
students in Turkey and abroad. All applicants are expected to fulfill the
English proficiency requirements of Bogazici University except for students
coming from universities where the official language of instruction is
English.  Students enrolled in Ling 489 (Distributed Morphology and Turkish
Morphosyntax) will have access to all the social and cultural activities at
Bogazici University.
Specific inquiries about the Distributed Morphology and Turkish Morphosyntax
course offered by Prof. Jorge Hankamer can be directed to ozsoys at boun.edu.tr.

Linguistic Field(s): Morphology

Tuition: 1010.00 USD

Registration: 07-Jan-2013 to 21-Jun-2013

Contact Person: A. Sumru Ozsoy
                Phone: 90 212 359 6623
                  Fax: 90 212 287 2470
                Email: ozsoys at boun.edu.tr

Apply by Email: summer at boun.edu.tr
Apply on the web: http://www.summer.boun.edu.tr

Registration Instructions:
Requirements for the Summer term of Bogazici University can be accessed at the
URL of the Summer Term.

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