24.459, Calls: Applied Linguistics/Australia

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LINGUIST List: Vol-24-459. Thu Jan 24 2013. ISSN: 1069 - 4875.

Subject: 24.459, Calls: Applied Linguistics/Australia

Moderators: Anthony Aristar, Eastern Michigan U <aristar at linguistlist.org>
            Helen Aristar-Dry, Eastern Michigan U <hdry at linguistlist.org>

Reviews: Veronika Drake, U of Wisconsin Madison
Monica Macaulay, U of Wisconsin Madison
Rajiv Rao, U of Wisconsin Madison
Joseph Salmons, U of Wisconsin Madison
Anja Wanner, U of Wisconsin Madison
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Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2013 15:35:13
From: Matthew Absalom [president at afmlta.asn.au]
Subject: 19th Biennial Conference of the Australian Federation of Modern Language Teachers Association

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Full Title: 19th Biennial Conference of the Australian Federation of Modern Language Teachers Association 
Short Title: AFMLTA 2013 

Date: 05-Jul-2013 - 08-Jul-2013
Location: Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia 
Contact Person: Anne-Marie Morgan
Meeting Email: afmlta2013 at afmlta.asn.au
Web Site: http://conference2013.afmlta.asn.au 

Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics 

Call Deadline: 15-Feb-2013 

Meeting Description:

Do you want to be inspired by the latest research and practice in languages education?

Do you have something innovative to share?

Do you welcome the opportunity to interact with colleagues from around the nation and across the globe?

If so, come along to the 19th AFMLTA conference, hosted by the Modern Languages Teachers Association of the ACT, in Australia’s capital.

Call for Papers:

Session formats available are:

Research paper presentations (45 minutes)
Classroom practice presentations (45 minutes)
Workshops (1 hour)
Speed TeachMeet sessions (45 minutes - 5 presenters x 7 min) (New!)
Pre-conference workshops (3 hours) (New!)

Call opens: Wednesday 31 October 2012
Call extended until Friday 15 February 2013

Visit http://conference2013.afmlta.asn.au to link through to the conference submission site.

Proposals will be reviewed for suitability for the conference by the Academic Chair and Academic Panel. Presenters will be advised of the outcome of their proposal between 15-22 February 2013.

Research Paper Presentations:

Paper presentation sessions run for 45 minutes including 10 minutes Q+A time. Papers should present the results of recent languages education research or theoretical investigation.

Submit an abstract of 150 words, including the title, nature of the research and target audience. Clearly indicate the paper's author(s) and presenters and affiliation(s).

Classroom Practice Presentations:

Sessions run for 45 minutes including 10 minutes Q+A time. Presentations should illustrate innovative and inspirational teaching practice.

Submit an abstract of 150 words, including the topic, nature of the workshop and target audience. Clearly indicate the workshop presenter(s) and affiliation(s).

Workshop Sessions:

Sessions run for 1 hour and should be interactive. Sessions should address classroom practice activities, tools or technologies for languages learning; or theoretical pedagogies and/or teaching and learning methodologies.

Submit an abstract of 150 words, including topic, target audience and requirements of participants. Clearly indicate workshop presenter(s) and affiliation(s).

Speed TeachMeet Panels:

Collaborative practice sessions of 45 minutes: 5 presentations, each 7 minutes max, with 10 minutes Q+A

Presentations will be thematically-linked, and should address a small point of practice or language education research that can be shared.

Submit an outline of 100 words, including topic, idea or area of research, level and language. Clearly indicate presenter, language, year level and affiliation.

Pre-conference Workshops:

Collaborative practice sessions of 3 hours, to be held on Friday 5 July, morning or afternoon

Workshops may include a focus on a methodology or orientation, technique or technological tool, language, year level, learning context or learner cohort. Minimum and maximum participant numbers will be required. Sessions will be selected and advertised prior to Early Bird registration closing dates, to allow registrants to indicate interest in participation.

Submit an outline of 150 words, including topic, intended audience, anticipated interest and technical requirements. Clearly indicate presenter(s).

Note: An additional charge will apply to workshop participants, to cover lunch and workshop expenses.

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