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Subject: 24.1879, TOC: Reading and Writing 26/5 (2013)

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Date: Wed, 01 May 2013 09:36:46
From: Helen van der Stelt [Helen.vanderStelt at springer.com]
Subject: Reading and Writing Vol. 26, No. 5 (2013)

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Publisher:	Springer
Journal Title:  Reading and Writing 
Volume Number:  26 
Issue Number:  5 
Issue Date:  2013 

Main Text:  

DOI:	10.1007/s11145-012-9378-3
Title:	What do spelling errors tell us? Classification and analysis of errors
made by Greek schoolchildren with and without dyslexia
Author(s):	Athanassios Protopapas, Aikaterini Fakou, Styliani Drakopoulou,
Christos Skaloumbakas, Angleliki Mouzaki
pages:	615-646
DOI:	10.1007/s11145-012-9382-7
Title:	Vowel representations in the invented spellings of Spanish–English
bilingual kindergartners
Author(s):	Laura B. Raynolds, Joanna K. Uhry, Jessica Brunner
pages:	647-664
Title:	Reading expressively and understanding thoroughly: An examination of
prosody in adults with low literacy skills
Author(s):	Katherine S. Binder, Elizabeth Tighe, Yue Jiang, Katharine
Kaftanski, Cyntha Qi, Scott P. Ardoin
pages:	665-680
DOI:	10.1007/s11145-012-9383-6
Title:	Effects of a phonological awareness program on English reading and
spelling among Hong Kong Chinese ESL children
Author(s):	Susanna S. S. Yeung, Linda S. Siegel, Carol K. K. Chan
pages:	681-704
DOI:	10.1007/s11145-012-9387-2
Title:	Beyond spelling: the writing skills of students with dyslexia in higher
Author(s):	W. Tops, C. Callens, E. Van Cauwenberghe, J. Adriaens, M. Brysbaert
pages:	705-720
DOI:	10.1007/s11145-012-9388-1
Title:	Lexical and sub-lexical effects on accuracy, reaction time and response
duration: impaired and typical word and pseudoword reading in a transparent
Author(s):	Robert Davies, Javier Rodríguez-Ferreiro, Paz Suárez, Fernando
pages:	721-738
DOI:	10.1007/s11145-012-9389-0
Title:	Links between early rhythm skills, musical training, and phonological
Author(s):	Catherine Moritz, Sasha Yampolsky, Georgios Papadelis, Jennifer
Thomson, Maryanne Wolf
pages:	739-769
DOI:	10.1007/s11145-012-9390-7
Title:	Using environmental print to enhance emergent literacy and print
Author(s):	Michelle M. Neumann, Michelle Hood, Ruth M. Ford
pages:	771-793
DOI:	10.1007/s11145-013-9429-4
Title:	Erratum to: Preparing beginning reading teachers: An experimental
comparison of initial early literacy field experiences
Author(s):	Stephanie Al Otaiba, Vickie E. Lake, Luana Greulich, Jessica S.
Folsom, Lisa Guidry
pages:	795-797

Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics

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