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Subject: 24.2081, FYI: BCS / BCS IRSG Karen Spärck Jones Award

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Date: Thu, 16 May 2013 12:30:38
From: Udo Kruschwitz [udo at essex.ac.uk]
Subject: BCS / BCS IRSG Karen Spärck Jones Award

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BCS / BCS IRSG Karen Spärck Jones Award
An Award to Commemorate Karen Spärck Jones

The British Computer Society Information Retrieval Specialist Group (BCS
IRSG) in conjunction with the BCS has created an award to commemorate
the achievements of Karen Spärck Jones.

Karen was a Professor Emeritus of Computers and Information at the
University of Cambridge and one of the most remarkable women in computer
science. Her contributions to the fields of Information Retrieval (IR)
and Natural Language Processing (NLP), especially with regard to
experimentation, have been outstanding and highly influential. Karen’s
achievements resulted in her receiving a number of prestigious accolades
such as the BCS Lovelace medal, for her advancement in Information
Systems, and the ACM Salton Award for her significant, sustained and
continuing contributions to research in information retrieval.

In order to honour Karen’s achievements, the BCS/BCS-IRSG has
established an annual award to encourage and promote talented
researchers who have endeavoured to advance our understanding of
Information Retrieval and Natural Language Processing with significant
experimental contributions.

To celebrate the commemorative event, the recipient of the award will be
invited to present a keynote lecture at the BCS-IRSG’s annual conference
– the European Conference in Information Retrieval (ECIR). This forum
provides an excellent venue to present and announce the award as the
conference attracts many new and younger researchers.

The recipient will also be presented with a prize consisting of a
certificate, a trophy and a cash prize of £1000 plus expenses to travel
to ECIR.

BCS/BCS-IRSG Karen Spärck Jones Award:

Eligibility: Open to all IR/NLP researchers, who have no more than 10
years’ post doctoral or equivalent experience.

Criteria: To have endeavoured to advance our understanding of IR and/or
NLP through experimentation.

Nominations: The following should be provided:
- name of nominee, position, affiliation, years since completing PhD;
- name of person proposing the nominee, position, and affiliation;
- a short case for the award (composed of a short description of why the
individual should receive the award);
- a short description of what contributions the individual has made;
- a list of the individual’s top five publications reflecting the
relevant contributions, and role within these;
Please note that the nomination text should not exceed 2500 words.

- Additionally, two supporting letters (i.e. reference letters) from
people who would like to encourage/support the nomination must be
sought, along with their contact details.

Nominations should be emailed to the contact below, for forwarding to
the Nominations Panel, and seek confirmation of receipt. It is advisable
that you notify us as soon as possible of an intention to nominate an
individual as this will help with planning. It is possible for
individuals to nominate themselves, though this is less encouraged – as
in the least, this will mean there is one less person supporting the
nomination case. Nominations will be forwarded to the Nominations Panel
that will receive the applications. Additionally, the Nominations Panel
can also seek applications but will not be part of the Award Panel.

Award Panel: The Award Panel Chair, appointed by the BCS IRSG Committee,
will invite panel members from amongst representatives of the BCS main
council, the BCS-IRSG Committee, sponsoring organisation(s), as well as
at least two experts appointed by the BCS-IRSG committee and the Awards
Coordinator of the BCS-IRSG.

Prize: The recipient of the award will receive a certificate, a trophy,
a cash prize of £1000 plus expenses to travel to ECIR to present the
keynote lecture.

Presentation: The recipient of the award is expected to give a keynote
lecture at ECIR when he/she will also be presented with their trophy,
and cash prize.

Timeline  (for the 2013 Award to be presented in 2014):

15 September, 2013 - Deadline for nominations.
1 October, 2013 - Deadline for support letters.
15 December, 2013 - Notification of the prize winner.
24-27 March, 2014 - Winner presents keynote at ECIR.

Sponsors: Currently, the award is being sponsored by the BCS IRSG and
Microsoft Research Cambridge.

Contact: Ayse Göker, a.s.goker at rgu.ac.uk
Further details and previous winners available on: irsg.bcs.org/ksjaward.php

Linguistic Field(s): Computational Linguistics


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