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Subject: 24.2096, All: Obituary: In Memoriam Darrell Tryon

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Date: Fri, 17 May 2013 10:42:41
From: Uri Tadmor [uri.tadmor at degruyter.com]
Subject: Obituary: In Memoriam Darrell Tryon

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The news about the untimely passing of Darrell Tryon deeply saddened all of us
at De Gruyter Mouton. Darrell was one of our important authors and editors and
contributed tremendously to the development of Mouton’s publication program on
languages of the Pacific and on language contact. Our first cooperation was on
what would become one of Darrell’s crowning achievements: the editing of the
Comparative Austronesian Dictionary (1995). This monumental 5-volume
dictionary contains long annotated word-lists compiled by experts on 80
Austronesian languages which Darrell not only edited but for which he also
contributed the introduction as well as an important overview article on
Austronesian languages.  While working on the dictionary, Darrell also
co-edited with Tom Dutton a volume on language contact in the Austronesian
world (1994) and co-edited with Peter Mühlhäusler and Stephen Wurm the Atlas
of Languages of Intercultural Communication in the Pacific, Asia, and the
Americas(1996). In 2004 he co-authored with Jean-Michel Charpentier a seminal
volume on pidgins and creoles of the Pacific region. Darrell’s last
publication with Mouton was a contribution on language endangerment in Oceania
in the volume Language Diversity Endangered 2007, edited by Matthias
Brenzinger). We will all miss Darrell’s kindness, charm, and humor as well as
his great scholarship.

Uri Tadmor

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