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LINGUIST List: Vol-24-2115. Mon May 20 2013. ISSN: 1069 - 4875.

Subject: 24.2115, Jobs: Japanese; Applied Ling: Assistant Professor, International Christian University

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Date: Mon, 20 May 2013 10:12:14
From: Yutaka Sato [language-ed-search at icu.ac.jp]
Subject: Japanese; Applied Linguistics: Assistant Professor, International Christian University, Tokyo, Japan

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 University or Organization: International Christian University 
Department: Department of Language Education
Job Location: Tokyo, Japan 
Web Address: http://subsite.icu.ac.jp/gjg/KOBO/gengo1305e.html
Job Rank: Assistant Professor

Specialty Areas: Applied Linguistics; Second Language Acquisition, Japanese Language Education

Required Language(s): Japanese (jpn)


Applied Linguistics in Japanese as a Second or Foreign Language
International Christian University
Faculty Position in the Department of Language Education

ICU is a private, bilingual liberal arts university with an undergraduate
College of Liberal Arts and graduate program. ICU’s educational mission is
based on Christian and democratic principles. ICU has 3,000 students from
Japan and overseas. The university is located on a wooded campus in the
suburbs of Tokyo.

The College of Liberal Arts, International Christian University is pleased to
announce an open search for a full-time faculty position in Applied
Linguistics in Japanese as a Second or Foreign Language. The successful
applicant is expected to teach general education, foundation, and area major
courses, as well as courses in the Japanese language program, the Japanese
language teacher training program, and the graduate school.

Department/ Division: Department of Language Education, College of Liberal
Rank and title: Associate professor or above (In Japan the rank of "Associate
Professor" is an entry-level faculty position equivalent to "Assistant
Professor" in North American universities.)
Employment: Full-time
Term of employment: Tenure, tenure-track
Number of positions: 1

1. Ph.D. or equivalent in the related fields is required
2. Language of instruction: Japanese and English
3. Commitment to the University’s Christian mission
4. Relevant teaching experience in Japanese pedagogy is necessary

Deadline for applications: August 31, 2013 (postmarked on August 31 will be
Starting date:  April 1, 2014

Selection process: After documentary screening, short-listed candidates will
be requested to give a lecture in Japanese or English and to be interviewed
Notification of decision: Applicants will be notified

Application materials:
1. Curriculum Vitae
2. List of Academic Publications (No need to send actual publications until
3. Names and contact information of three referees and one person who can
testify to the applicant’s commitment to Christianity
4. Cover letter describing how the applicant is appropriate for the position

An application package with all necessary materials should be sent only by
registered mail (no email applications please) to contact personnel, Professor
Yutaka Sato. Please write “Application for position (Language Education)” on
the envelope. Submitted application materials will not be returned. Personal
information will be treated with confidentiality.

International Christian University URL: http://www.icu.ac.jp
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the e-mail address
provided in the contact information field.

Application Deadline: 31-Aug-2013 
Mailing Address for Applications:
	Prof. Yutaka Sato 
	Chair, Department of Language Education International Christian University 
	3-10-2 Osawa, Mitaka-shi 
	Tokyo 181-8585 
Contact Information:
	Prof. Yutaka Sato 
	Email: language-ed-search at icu.ac.jp

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