24.2253, Confs: General Linguistics/Portugal

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LINGUIST List: Vol-24-2253. Fri May 31 2013. ISSN: 1069 - 4875.

Subject: 24.2253, Confs: General Linguistics/Portugal

Moderator: Damir Cavar, Eastern Michigan U <damir at linguistlist.org>

Reviews: Veronika Drake, U of Wisconsin Madison
Monica Macaulay, U of Wisconsin Madison
Rajiv Rao, U of Wisconsin Madison
Joseph Salmons, U of Wisconsin Madison
Mateja Schuck, U of Wisconsin Madison
Anja Wanner, U of Wisconsin Madison
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Date: Fri, 31 May 2013 10:36:29
From: Eric Russell [erussell at ucdavis.edu]
Subject: Society for Pidgin & Creole Linguistics

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Society for Pidgin & Creole Linguistics 
Short Title: SPCL 

Date: 19-Jun-2013 - 21-Jun-2013 
Location: Lisbon, Portugal 
Contact: Eric Russell 
Contact Email: spclsecretary at gmail.com 
Meeting URL: https://sites.google.com/a/umich.edu/spcl/home 

Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics 

Meeting Description: 

Joint Conference of the Society for Pidgin & Creole Linguistics (SPCL) and the Asociación de Criollos de Base Léxica Portuguesa y Española (ACBLPE)

The Society for Pidgin & Creole Linguistics, in coordination with the ACBPLE, is pleased to announce its 2013 Summer Conference, hosted by the University of Lisbon, Faculdade de Letras. 

Conference Program (subject to change)

Wednesday 19 June

Joint Session of the ACBLPE & SPCL, Panel ‘Creoles in Education’:

Rocky Meade
‘Almost Sisyphean - Education initiatives in Jamaican Creole’

Ana Josefa Cardoso
‘Nu ta splika matéria na lingua ofisial mas, pa nu atinji obijetivu, kriolu ki ta bale-nu. - The  teacher’s dilemma’

SPCL Session 1, Structure:

Tjerk Hagemeijer, Nélia Alexandre & Inês Duarte
‘Verb movement in creole languages? A comparison of Kabuverdianu and Kriyol’

Tonjes Veenstra & Marleen van de Vate
‘Finiteness and the C-domain in Saramaccan’

Muhsina Alleesaib & Patricia Cabredo Hofherr
‘R-impersonal constructions in Mauritian’

ACBLPE Session 1, Spanish Contact Studies:

Ellen-Petra Kester
‘Identity, language attitudes and language use in Curaçao’

Ana Stela de Almeida Cunha
‘Agencialidade no Espanhol falado pelos ‘muertos’ do Palo Monte, Cuba’

Eeva Sippola & Marivic Lesho
‘Folk perceptions of variation among the Chabacano varieties’

SPCL Session 2, Formal Approaches to French Lexifier Creoles:

Thomas Klein
‘Allomorph selection and morpheme-specific phonology in Haitian Creole’

Viviane Deprez
‘Domains of definiteness in French based creoles’

Emmanuel Schang
‘Elements of a TAG meta-grammar for Guadeloupian Creole’

ACBLPE Session 2, Portuguese Afro-Atlantic Creoles:

Angela Bartens
‘A comparison of the ideophones of African Portuguese-lexifier creoles’

Abigail Tiny Cosme
‘As partículas finais do Santome’

Ana Lívia Agostinho, Gabriel Antunes de Araújo, Alfredo Christofoletti & Eduardo Ferreira dos Santos
‘Polar questions in Fa d’Ambô’

SPCL Session 3, Sociolinguistics:

J. Clancy Clements & Ana Luis
‘The Marathi-Gujarati connection: Two adstrate languages - one outcome’

Jean-Paul Kouega & Mildred Ngengbuen Aseh
‘Pidgin English in creative writings in English in Cameroon’

Chun Wong
‘Pidgin or English? From Pidgin thinking to English writing: Teaching and learning Chinese Pidgin English’

ACBLPE Session 3, Spanish Contact Grammar Studies:

Manuele Bandeira, Shirley Freitas & Gabriel Antunes de Araújo
‘Processos segmentais na adaptação de empréstimos recentes no Papiamentu’

Juanito Avelar & Laura Álvarez López
‘Complementos direcionais em variedades africanas e latino-americanas de Português e Espanhol’

Plenary Speaker:

Maria Perpétua Gonçalves (Universidade Eduardo Mondlane, Mozambique)
‘Pesquisa sobre nativização do português em Moçambique: Contributos teórico-metodológicos’

Thursday 20 June

SPCL Session 4, Semantics/Information Structure:

Eeva Sippola, Fatima Karime Aragón Aquino & Carsten Levisen
‘Colour concepts in Iberoromance-based creoles: A cognitive-semantic approach’

Tridha Chatterjee & Marlyse Baptista
‘Contact effects from English onto Bengali: The case of copular predicates’

Kwaku Osei-Tutu & Micah Corum
‘Metonymy and the study of semantics in Ghanaian Student Pidgin’

Maria Mazzoli
‘Property items and copula variability in Nigerian Pidgin attributive sentences: Elaborating a variable rule’

ACBLPE Session 4, African & Afro-Brazilian Portuguese Studies:

Dante Lucchesi
‘A crioulização e a transmissão linguística irregular de tipo leve: Analisando a indeterminação do sujeito no Português afro-brasileiro’

Alan N. Baxter, Camila Ferreira de Mello & Natali Gomes de Almeida Santana
‘A construção de duplo objeto e as influências do substrato no Português afro-brasileiro (e africano)’

Esmeralda Vailati Negrão & Evani Viotti
‘Brazilian and Angolan Portuguese: Syntactic consequences of language contact’

Carlos Filipe G. Figueiredo & Eduardo Ferreira dos Santos
‘Construções [FOC + QUE] no Português do Município do Libolo, Kwanza Sul, Angola’

SPCL Session 5, Structure: Morpho-Syntax:

Claire Lefebvre
‘On some differences between Saramaccan and Haitian’

Patricia Cabredo Hofherr
‘Varieties of partial pro-drop’

Marlyse Baptista & Rachel Bayer
‘Licencing argument drop in Cape Verdean Creole’

ACBLPE Session 5, Sao Tome Portuguese Varieties:

Rita Gonçalves
‘Variação no Português de São Tomé: Evidência de construções-Q’

Carlos Filipe G. Figueiredo
‘Português restruturado da comunidade semicrioula de Almoxarife, São Tomé: Sincretismo morfossintáctico na construção da negativa com a partícula <não>’

Isabel Galhano Rodrigues
‘Eu nasci aqui! Multimodal deixis in the Portuguese spoken by a tonga. A case study’

SPCL Session 6, Sociolinguistics:

Mario Pinharanda-Nunes
‘To preserve, or not to preserve Makista: Opinions and practices of its heritage community’

Sabriya Fisher
‘Grammatical factors affecting copula usage in French Guyanese Creole’

Michelle Li
‘Historical relationships between Macau Pidgin Portuguese and Chinese Pidgin English: A view from pronouns’

John McWhorter
‘The Saramaccan copula: Complexity hotbed’

ACBLPE Session 6, Creole & Contact Studies:

Ana R. Luís & Paulo Estudante
‘What can music manuscripts tell us about 17th century Língua de Preto’

Silvio Moreira de Sousa
‘The prudent connection between creolists and the semi-creoles’

Nicholas Faraclas, Lourdes González Cotto, Micah Corum, Marisol Haynes, Diana Mopsus, Aida Crespo Valedón, Brenda Dominguez Rosado, Petra Avillán León, Sonia Crescioni, Vanessa Rivas, Pier Angeli Zambrana, Ashlee Dauphinais Civitello, Jean Ourdy Pierre & Oihida Beloucif
‘Creoles and acts of identity: Convergence and double voicing in the Portuguese, Spanish, French, Dutch, and English lexifier creoles of the Afro-Atlantic’

Joseph Clancy Clements
‘Formal aspects of copulas, TMA markers, and pronominal systems in some creole languages’

Friday 21 June

SPCL Session 7, Language Change/Historical:

Arthur Spears
‘Grammatical complexification: The strange case of African-American English’

Bart Jacobs
‘New light on the Lusitanisms in Saramaccan’

Tamirand de Lisser, Stephanie Durrleman, Ur Shlonsky & Luigi Rizzi
‘Jamaican Creole: The emergence and transformation of early syntactic systems’

Peter Bakker
‘The ABC of creole studies: The bottleneck phenomenon’

ACBLPE Session 7, Portuguese Afro-Atlantic Creoles (Upper Guinea):

Alain Kihm
‘Creoles as richly (but simply) inflected languages: The example of Casamance-Guinea-Bissau Kriyol (CGBK)’

Chiara Truppi
‘Bare nouns in Kriyol and the role of specificity’

Jean-Louis Rougé
‘Kriol de Guinée-Bissau: Que faire de la variation?’

Dulce Pereira
‘Preto no branco?: Normalização da escrita do crioulo caboverdiano’

SPCL Session 8, Semantics/Information Structure:

Huishan April Goh
‘Moving forward in time: Spatiotemporal metaphor in Singapore English’

Peter Slomanson
‘An information structure perspective on regrammaticalized functional contrasts’

Angela Bartens
‘Me, Mary, and I’

ACBLPE Session 8, Asian Studies:

Mauro Fernandez
‘El texto mas antiguo en pidgin Chino-Español de Manila’

Alan N. Baxter, Stefanie Pillai, Nor Aniza binti Abdullah & Mumtaz Mustafa
‘The development of an online dictionary for Malacca Portuguese Creole’

Zuzana Greksakova & John Holm
‘Tetun and Miskito: Refining our typology of mixed languages’

SPCL Session 9, Structure: Morpho-Syntax:

Hugo Cardoso
‘The southern cluster: Indo-Portuguese in the Malabar and in Sri Lanka’

Muhsina Alleesaib
‘Adjectives and category change in Mauritian’

SPCL Session 10, Sociolinguistics:

Stella Cambrone-Lasnes
‘When dominating languages threaten plurilingualism in Dominica’

Philipp Kraemer
‘‘Not even a dialect’: Hypernormative attitudes towards contact varieties’

Evelyn Wiesinger
‘Acteurs et échanges linguistiques dans les premiers temps en Guyane française coloniale : Contribution à l’étude de la genèse du créole guyanais’

Joint Session of the ACBLPE & SPCL:

Sandra Pascuas Cortes
‘Number marking in Palenquero’

Bernhard Hurch
‘The Spanish and Portuguese-based creole materials in the Hugo Schuchardt legacy’

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