24.4517, Calls: Applied Linguistics, Language Acquisition, Sociolinguistics, Translation/Canada

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LINGUIST List: Vol-24-4517. Tue Nov 12 2013. ISSN: 1069 - 4875.

Subject: 24.4517, Calls: Applied Linguistics, Language Acquisition, Sociolinguistics, Translation/Canada

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Monica Macaulay, U of Wisconsin Madison
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Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2013 10:55:07
From: Sylvie Lamoureux [slamoureux at uottawa.ca]
Subject: Literacies and Autonomy of Advanced Language Learners / Littératies et autonomie des apprenants avancés de langue(s)

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Full Title: Literacies and Autonomy of Advanced Language Learners / Littératies et autonomie des apprenants avancés de langue(s) 

Date: 24-Apr-2014 - 25-Apr-2014
Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 
Contact Person: Sylvie Lamoureux
Meeting Email: ccerbal2014 at uottawa.ca
Web Site: http://web5.uottawa.ca/ilob-ocs/index.php/2014/literacy-and-autonomy 

Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics; Language Acquisition; Sociolinguistics; Translation 

Call Deadline: 15-Dec-2013 

Meeting Description:

Literacies and Autonomy of Advanced Language Learners / Littératies et autonomie des apprenants avancés de langue(s)
Official Languages and Bilingualism Institute
University Of Ottawa
April 24-25, 2014

The Official Languages and Bilingualism Institute's research centre, CCERBAL, is organizing its sixth international conference, to be held in April 2014. The conference theme is Literacies and autonomy of advanced language learners. This two-day bilingual conference will be a unique occasion for researchers, professors, teaching professionals, students, language policy specialists and planners as well as other participants with an interest in advanced language learners to meet, share and discuss their ideas, findings, knowledge and practices.

L'Institut des langues officielles et du bilinguisme (ILOB), et son centre de recherche, le Centre canadien d'études et de recherche en bilinguisme et aménagement linguistique (CCERBAL), sont fiers d'annoncer le sixième colloque international qui se déroulera à Ottawa les 24 et 25 avril prochain, et aura pour thématique : Littératies et autonomie des apprenants avancés de langue(s). Ce colloque bilingue de deux jours sera une occasion pour les chercheurs, enseignants, professeurs, étudiants, professionnels responsables de politiques et d'aménagement linguistique et tous participants intéressés par les apprenants avancés de langue(s) de se rencontrer afin de partager leurs connaissances, leurs idées, leurs recherches et leurs pratiques. 

Veuillez consulter le site de la conférence pour l'appel en français: http://web5.uottawa.ca/ilob-ocs/index.php/2014/literacy-and-autonomy.

Call for Papers:

The submission deadline has been extended to December 15, 2013.
This call invites submissions in English, in French, or bilingual submissions, for individual papers (empirical studies or conceptual work), posters, workshops and symposiums that will address the conference theme from a wide variety of perspectives, including but not limited to:

A) Assessment and evaluation of the competency of high level bilinguals: 

Proposals in this stream can explore amongst others competency descriptors proposed by the various bodies such as CEFR or Canadian Benchmarks; the limits and challenges of various testing and assessment tools, and the ideologies linked to advanced language learners/users. 

B) Acquisition and maintenance of advanced language competencies:

Proposals in this stream can explore amongst others the challenges and choices related to second language teaching and learning for advanced language learners as well as the language support needs of high level bilinguals.

C) Technology, learner autonomy and advanced language learners:

Proposals in this stream can explore amongst others the technological resources and supports best adapted to teaching and learning for advanced language learners; technological resources to support high level bilinguals in the workplace; challenges and choices linked to the use of computer assisted advanced language learning.

D) Language policy, planning and maintenance in bi/multilingual workplaces:

Proposals in this stream can explore amongst others the structures required to support high levels of bi/multilingual competency; the impact of language for hiring, promotion and personnel renewal, and the value and recognition of bi/plurilingual competencies in the workplace.
We invite you to submit a proposal in the language of the intended presentation(English, French or bilingual), in one of the following presentation formats:

-Individual papers will be allotted 20 minutes to deliver a presentation, followed by 10 minutes for discussion and questions.
-Workshops will allow for the demonstration of best practices or resources. Presenters will be allotted 30 minutes total.
-Posters will be displayed during both days of the conference. We particularly welcome work in progress proposals from students. Selected poster proposals will have to respect the presentation format that will be communicated with the notification of acceptance. 
-Symposium will be allotted a 2 hour time slot. They will be limited to 3 thematically linked papers (25 minutes per paper with 1 or 2 questions), followed by an in-depth discussion.
The submission deadline is December 15, 2013. All proposals must be submitted using this link: http://web5.uottawa.ca/ilob-ocs/index.php/2014/literacy-and-autonomy/schedConf/cfp.

The scientific committee will submit all proposals to a double-blind peer-review process. A response will be sent to authors by January 25, 2014.

To submit a proposal or for more information, please visit the CCERBAL 2014 conference website: 

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