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Subject: 24.4521, Support: Irish, Sociolinguistics/United Kingdom

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Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2013 14:23:39
From: Wilson McLeod [wmcleod at staffmail.ed.ac.uk]
Subject: PhD Student, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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 Institution/Organization: University of Edinburgh 
Department: Celtic and Scottish Studies 
Web Address: http://www.celtscot.ed.ac.uk 

Level: PhD 

Duties: Teaching
Specialty Areas: Sociolinguistics 
Language Policy 
Required Language(s): Irish (gle)


The University has a three-year PhD Scholarship available for a research project relating to Irish language policy, sociolinguistics or applied linguistics, beginning in January 2014. 

>From 2008 onwards the University of Edinburgh has received a grant to promote the teaching of Irish from the Irish Government's Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht. This award will now support a PhD Scholarship beginning in January 2014. 

The scholarship will cover the UK/EU rate of tuition fees. Any international student who applies for the scholarship must be able to demonstrate the availability of funds to meet the full overseas tuition fee. Funding will extend for three years. 

The award holder will also receive a stipend in line with the rate paid by the UK Research Councils. In 2013-14 the stipend is £13,726. 

The award holder will be required to teach Irish language classes at different levels, including some classes in the evening and occasional classes at the weekend. The amount of teaching required would not normally exceed 6 hours per week or 125 hours per year. This teaching forms part of the terms of the award and will not attract additional payment. 

Applications are welcomed on any topic relating to Irish language policy, sociolinguistics or applied linguistics. Applicants should be fluent speakers of Irish and should hold relevant undergraduate and Master's level qualifications. Experience in teaching Irish would be an advantage, as would some knowledge of Scottish Gaelic. 

Completed applications (including references) must be received by the University no later than 22 November 2013. 

Informal enquiries about the award and the application procedure can be made to Professor Wilson McLeod: W.Mcleod at ed.ac.uk 

Candidates should complete an on-line scholarship application. 

Candidates should also apply for admission to the University using the on-line application system. The references supplied for the admission application will be used in relation to the scholarship. 

A Selection Committee will meet in late November 2013 to select the scholarship holder. The winner of the scholarship will be announced as soon as possible thereafter. 

Informal enquiries about the award and the application procedure can be made to Professor Wilson McLeod, w.mcleod at ed.ac.uk 

Application Deadline: 22-Nov-2013 

Web Address for Applications: http://bit.ly/17sK542 

Contact Information: 
	Prof Wilson McLeod 
w.mcleod at ed.ac.uk  

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