24.4528, Qs: Repetitive language in instruction

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Subject: 24.4528, Qs: Repetitive language in instruction

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Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2013 11:26:24
From: David Elmes [elmesd at hotmail.com]
Subject: Repetitive language in instruction

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I work at the National Institute of Fitness and Sports (NIFS) in Kanoya, Japan.  Currently I am conducting educational research based on coach-player communications.  Through my recordings and transcriptions of sports camp observations I am looking to give athletes insight into how coaches communicate with their players in a natural setting by identifying recurring patterns of language and instruction shared between coaches and characteristic of individual instructional styles.  I am also hoping to use the data to create educational resources for both ESL and sports coaching by offering data as authentic resources for language study and practice, and for sports coaching education.  To date, I have attended six ice hockey camps in Canada for this research, recording coaches' speech using a voice recorder and video camera and transcribing the data to identify any common language patterns and approaches to instruction.   In my last research trip I also interviewed the players to obtain data more directly focusing on the players to help identify the mindset with which they attend the sports camps in order to further clarify the language and instructional choices of the coaches when interacting with them. 

Through my analysis of the transcriptions I have been able to identify the large influence that repetition plays for many coaches in their on-ice instruction (For example, Good job, good job; Keep it up, keep it up).  I am looking for information regarding research concerning the use of repetition in instruction (in sports coaching and in the classroom for teachers), and, possibly, other research which may hold a similar focus to what I am doing.

Linguistic Field(s): Sociolinguistics

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