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LINGUIST List: Vol-24-4540. Wed Nov 13 2013. ISSN: 1069 - 4875.

Subject: 24.4540, Support: English, Lexicography/Canada

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Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2013 13:40:35
From: Stefan Dollinger [stefan.dollinger at ubc.ca]
Subject: PhD Student, University of British Columbia at Vancouver, Canada

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 Institution/Organization: University of British Columbia at Vancouver 
Department: Department of English (Canadian English Lab) 
Web Address: http://www.english.ubc.ca/grad/  

Level: PhD 

Duties: Research,Project Work
Specialty Areas: Lexicography 
World Englishes, Canadian English, (Historical) Lexicography and Lexicology 
Required Language(s): English (eng)


Ph.D. Fellowship (4 years) in English lexicography/lexicology and World/Canadian Englishes at  the University of British Columbia, Department of English, Vancouver, Canada.

The Department of English at the University of British Columbia (UBC) at Vancouver, Canada, invites applications for one four-year Ph.D. fellowship, starting in the Fall 2014, in the areas of English historical lexicography and lexicology and World Englishes. 

UBC is the home of the Second Edition of the Dictionary of Canadianisms on Historical Principles (DCHP-2, see www.dchp.ca), and the department can offer, among other areas, outstanding expertise in historical linguistics, historical lexicography and lexicology, the study of Varieties of English and Canadian English. Applicants are expected to demonstrate a profound interest and strong potential to work - both theoretically and practically - on the DCHP-2 project and an additional area relating to Canadian English. All graduate research work would be conducted under the direct supervision of Stefan Dollinger, editor-in-chief of DCHP-2 and Principal Investigator. Other requirements are a strong academic record, computer literacy and the ability to work in a team comprised of professors, undergraduate students as well as graduate students. A background in linguistics is an asset, but not a necessity if the successful candidate is willing to acquire this expertise in the course of the program. While English is the working language, preference will be given to applicants who demonstrate multilingual and multicultural competencies that can be linked to their research interests in Canadian English. 

UBC’s Department of English is one of the highest-ranked in the world, with a top-ten ranking in 2012 (QS ranking). It features as one of the few locations in North America, with both a language/linguistic stream and a literature stream.  It is the biggest department in the Faculty of Arts. With good connections to other departments and units (including the Department of Linguistics, the School of Library, Archival and Information Studies and the Department of Language and Literacy Education), and a competitive MA and PhD program in the Language/Linguistics (incl. Rhetoric) Stream, UBC English offers a vibrant academic home for the future lexicographer-linguist-theoretician.

The successful applicant will receive a competitive four-year funding package (no less than 28k/year in fellowships, research assistantships and teaching assistantships; tax exemptions apply but may vary).  Funding top-ups are possible via competitions (for non-Canadians via their national PhD funding programs, for Canadians and Canadian permanent residents via SSHRC). For details on the department, visit www.english.ubc.ca, for details on the DCHP-2 project and Canadian English Lab see www.dchp.ca.  All applications must be approved English Department Graduate Committee and by the Faculty of Graduate and Post Graduate Studies.  

Application deadline: 15 January 2014
Application materials, processes and forms: http://www.english.ubc.ca/grad/ 

Please contact Dr. Stefan Dollinger, editor-in-chief & PI, for specific questions regarding the subject area.  For application information see the UBC English Webpage: http://www.english.ubc.ca/grad/ 

Application Deadline: 15-Jan-2014 

Web Address for Applications: https://www.grad.ubc.ca/prospective-students/application-admission/apply-online 

Contact Information: 
	Dr Stefan Dollinger 
stefan.dollinger at ubc.ca 

LINGUIST List: Vol-24-4540	

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