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Subject: 24.4609, Calls: Translation/Ukraine

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Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2013 14:56:08
From: Olena Yemelyanova [yelenayemelyanova at rambler.ru]
Subject: IV All-Ukrainian Students’ Scientific and Practical Conference

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Full Title: IV All-Ukrainian Students’ Scientific and Practical Conference 

Date: 13-Mar-2014 - 14-Mar-2014
Location: Sumy, Ukraine 
Contact Person: Olha Zhulavska
Meeting Email: zulenkka at rambler.ru

Linguistic Field(s): Translation 

Call Deadline: 15-Jan-2014 

Meeting Description:

We invite you to participate in the IV All-Ukrainian Students’ Scientific and Practical Conference, held by the Department of Germanic Philology of the Sumy State University on the 13-14 March 2014.

The main issues suggested for the discussion:

1. Language as a functional system in anthropocentric world picture.
2. Translation and intercultural communication
3. Discourse linguistics
4. The problems of stylistics and text linguistics
5. Methodology and methods of modern literary studie.
6. Word formation of Germanic and Slavic languages
7. The status of verbal and non-verbal elements in intralinguistic and interlinlinguistic aspects

Languages of the conference: Ukrainian, Russian, English

Call for Papers:

Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine
Sumy State University
Department of Theory and Practice of Translation
Department of Germanic Philology

IV All-Ukrainian Students’ Scientific and Practical Conference
'Translation Innovations'
13-14 March, 2014

Requirements for Theses:

The requirements for publishing in the materials of the IV All-Ukrainian Students’ Scientific And Practical Conference “Translation Innovations” are:

- Language: Ukrainian, Russian, English, German, in electronic file format Word for Windows XP (the file has to have the extension .rtf or .doc)
- Volume: Not more than 2 pages (A5 format)
- Font: Headset Times New Roman, point 10 in the text; margins - 1.5 mm
- Title is typed in capital letters, in bold mode, centered, without indentation. The second line is the name of the author. The third line is in brackets the name of the educational establishment. The fourth is the information about the research supervisor (first and last name, degree, academic rank). The second, third and fourth lines are typed in italics, aligned with the right edge.
- The illustrative material in the text is typed in italics.
- At the end of the abstract in a line without the title Literature is presented the list of sources used (not more than 3 items) in order of quoting in the text. For example, [2, 56] 
- Deadline for theses to be presented is 15 January 2014.
- The theses presented with the violations of these requirements, or after a specified deadline will not be considered.

The Editorial Board reserves the right to review and edit the manuscripts. In the case of materials accepted for publication, the Editorial Board will send further informational letter and invitation with the exact requirements for the organization of the conference on the 15 February 2014.

To participate in the Conference please send before 15 January 2014:

1) A printed copy of theses and versions on electronic media (CD-R or CD-RW), the application with information about the authors, and the review of the research supervisor are to be sent by conventional mail to the address:

Department of Germanic Philology
Sumy State University
Rimsky-Korsakov Street, 2
Sumy, Ukraine

2) Electronic version of the thesis and the application are sent by email: info at gf.sumdu.edu.ua. Please indicate the full name in the subject line in the email and name of the file.

Tel. (0542) 33-70-35 - Department of Germanic Philology

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